To destroy space junk and create a new planet

on 11 May 2017.

The force of interaction of two charges


Where q is the charge, Coulomb; R - distance between charges, m; k - coefficient, equal to 9*109.

If you take charges in the amount of 1 C, at a distance of 1 meter the force of interaction is F=9*109 Newton.

If you increase the distance of a kilometer, the strength of the interaction will be 9*103 Newton.

Compare the gravitational force of interaction


Where G is the gravitational constant,6,67*10-11; m –mass, kg; R - distance , m.

If you take the mass of 1 kg at a distance of 1 meter the force of interaction is F=6,67*10-11 Newton. At a distance of 1 km F=6,67*10-17Newton.

I don't think about using gravitational forces.

Space debris does not bear charges, it is a neutral body: the debris of rockets, waste, dust, meteorites.

But any body in the electric field is polarized. If it is a conductive body on one surface Scopata electrons and the other ions will remain. If it is a dielectric, the dipoles will Orient so that the one closer to the surface charge will appear on the ends of the dipoles of the opposite sign. If it is a neutral gas, it will be such a deformation of its electron shells that the gas molecules become dipoles and turn to podnebennoy charged sides of the dipoles of the opposite sign.

The charge at the conducting wall, the dipole at a conducting wall, the dipole in the nonuniform electric field – these problems are considered and solved in physics thoroughly. A dipole, for example, is drawn into the region of maximum electric field, the charge is attracted to a conductive wall or the wall of the dielectric.

That is why the author proposes to collect space debris using electrostatic forces. For example, if the leakage of electrons from the outer body using a simple accelerator, soon the body will be charged and will begin to attract all of the body due to electrostatic induction.

Of course, in space sufficient ions, and they will be attracted to the accelerator, to adhere to him, to neutralize the charge. But ions are not so much in space. Will mainly adhere to the neutral gas. It will also be a screening charge, but to a lesser extent.


 In engines that are designed (have tested!), using the polluting substances due to electrical forces, be sure to take into account the need to maintain electrical neutrality. That is, if positive ions are discharged (after all, only the heavy particles can provide good traction), then be sure to reset and electrons.

For that purpose, which sets the author, a garbage collection is required just to keep the charge on the body.

The mechanism of action is as follows.

Electronic ray tube (the simplest example – an accelerator in the TV) is placed on the satellite to be decommissioned or authorized the destruction. The satellite has a solar battery or independent power source.

At a signal from the Ground the cannon begins to throw the electrons with energy of 10...100 Kev. And it does not matter where is the release of electrons towards the Earth or towards the open space. The mass of electrons is negligible, so any significant traction is expected.


The satellite begins to acquire a charge. Even with electronic current of 1 mA per thousand seconds, the satellite will acquire a charge in 1 Coulomb! At a voltage of 10 000 Volts will need a power of just 10 Watts. At a voltage of 100 000 Volts the power will be about 100 Watts!). Part of this charge will be neutralized by ions. The satellite orbital start to Deposit the gases to adhere to the shell, then create a cloud. This cloud can have tens to hundreds of meters (kilometers!) in cross-section. Since this cloud is associated with the satellite, it will begin to slow down the satellite.(By the way, not a way of braking the lander? Moreover, the braking will not need fuel, and take it with you when you de-orbit a bunch of junk.). In addition, the cloud will interfere with the free departure of the electrons. Therefore, preferably the accelerator is let go of the rope for a companion.

Over time will have to increase the accelerating voltage on the accelerator - after all, Sputnik is becoming more and more positive potential. But this potential will slow down the electrons and return them back. It seems that up to 5...10 million Volts will be able to get. For serious problems can be placed on extraterrestrial objects accelerators and 100 million Volts.


To increase the working area is recommended for unwinding companion metallized synthetic film, so it is possible to reduce the density of charge and increase capacitance.

Flying debris is polarized by the electric field and is attracted to the satellite. There is a change in the orbits of all the flying stuff. But at the same time and the braking of our satellite!

Sticking debris increases the mass of the satellite. This further slows down the satellite. For the time that has passed since the inclusion of electron gun, the satellite "established power relationship" with the huge amount of debris, dust and gas. His added mass is many times increased. But this increases the inertia of the satellite. He clearly is on a decline, but not as light body, as a body, burdened with a tail of garbage. In the end, the satellite enters into the dense layers, the battery charge disappears, and it burns in the atmosphere. The remaining trash or follows it, or change its orbit so that the combustion becomes inevitable.

The bombing of the satellite charged particles will lead to surface heating and possible damage. Such a satellite should be a desert, life will not be great.

Large debris or asteroids, you can set the boosters to charge these fragments with charges of opposite signs. It is billions of times will speed up the process of their sticking together. Cleaning meteoritemen tracks will work, and the enlargement of asteroids a necessity for the future of humanity.

Maybe I'll be able to create another planet or, at least, to facilitate the extraction of minerals. To be on the way, such as to Mars, intermediate base with a small but adequate gravity would be very tempting. Collect all the small planets (Pallas, Ceres, etc.) into one, to make terraforming. To select the asteroids in composition, in quantity of those substances which are necessary for production. The price of gold, platinum, silver, may be lower than the cost of aluminium and copper because these materials are urgently needed for the construction of elements of the base, and delivery of gold will cost more than his production on the Ground. 

You can trawl the space of two companions, charged with opposite signs. Even tens of kilometers between them will not be an obstacle to electric forces.

To have a long time ago in the hands of a tool that can create in space, miracles, and still not to use it - bewilderment, amazement, disappointment, regret - these feelings of the author!

The obvious cheapness of the project allows to implement it in any company that has a satellite in orbit. That's just what sing all the rest - a question. Charged satellite will have an impact not only on the space junk, but hundreds of working satellites. Inevitably, change of orbits, misalignment of the work, a violation of control. Noise rise - scary thought!.. 

But it will be then!