Using the rotation of the Earth to provide energy

on 09 September 2016.

"And yet it moves!"
 Galileo Galilei
There are wonderful experiences in the history of physics.
These experiments were amazed contemporaries, collected a huge audience, and among the participants were the cleverest people of his time.
If we assume that there is an inherent human sense of the right way, the truth, it should be an unpleasant conclusion: not all experiences received proper treatment, not all could be used and applied.
In music, there is harmony. The sound a certain way and in a certain sequence of harmonious sounds has a profound, inexplicable effect on humans.
And in many events lined up to the right number, you can find harmony, some binding sequence.
The author is so harmonious series.
There is a natural phenomenon (effect). This phenomenon notices researcher. Followed by playing "pure" effect artificially, without the "noise" from other phenomena. This is followed by an interpretation (explanation) of the effect. Then use the effect to be.
Some events we still can neither reproduce nor explain, nor to use - for example, a fireball.
Some events we give an interpretation, but can not play them - for example, create a regular zipper of artificially created clouds, and when the discharge length of, say, a kilometer.
But there is a phenomenon that we can play, we can interpret (explain), but have not learned to use. Therefore, there is a final chord, no satisfaction from harmony.
Foucault's Pendulum striking example.
January 3, 1851 January Léon Foucault had a successful experience with the pendulum, later named after him.

At the core of the experience is to preserve the property of the pendulum oscillation plane of rotation, regardless of the support to which the pendulum is suspended. The observer rotating with the earth, sees a gradual change in the direction of oscillation of the pendulum relative to the surrounding terrestrial objects.

 "Under the dome of the building Foucault hung a metal ball weighing 28 kg on the steel wire length of 67 m. In contrast to the time of the pendulum that can swing only in one plane, in Foucault pendulum upper end of the wire has been fixed so that he could swing equally freely in all directions. Strengthen the pendulum or a universal joint or a horizontal ball bearing, rotates together with the plane of the pendulum swing. circular fence radius of 6 meters was made under the pendulum to the center directly under the point of suspension. On the fence was poured sand, so that each swing under the ball of the pendulum attached metal tip would sweep him on his way. To ensure that start-up of the pendulum without lateral thrust, he was taken away and tied with a rope. After the pendulum after tying came into a state of complete rest, rope perezhgli, and the pendulum began to move. The pendulum of this length makes one complete oscillation of 16.4 seconds, and it soon became evident that the plane of the pendulum swing is rotated clockwise relative to the floor. With each successive swing metal tip swept away the sand about 3 mm from the previous place. An hour swing plane turned more than 11 °, and in about 32 hours. Has come full circle and returned to the original position. This resulted in an impressive demonstration of the audience downright hysterical; it seemed to them that they feel the rotation of the earth under their feet. (Emphasis added).

To find out why the pendulum behaves this way, consider sand ring. North Point ring is 3 m from the center, and, considering that the Pantheon is at 48 ° 51 'north latitude, this part of the ring of 2.3 meters closer to the earth's axis than the center. South point of the ring to 2.3 meters further away from the Earth's axis than the center (the figure is R with a stroke. (Emphasis added). Therefore, when the Earth's rotation by 360 ° for 24 hours northern edge of the ring will move in a circle of smaller radius than center, and held at less than 14.42 meters per day. Therefore, the difference in the speeds of these points is equal to 1 cm / min. Likewise, the south edge of the ring moves to 14.42 meters per day, or 1 cm / min faster than center of the ring. with this difference in speed line connecting the north and south points of the ring, always directed from north to south. a pendulum retains its plane of oscillation is rotated relative to the line.

In the North or South Pole swing plane of Foucault's pendulum will make 360 ° rotation of the sidereal day (15 ° for the finest hour). The point of the earth surface, latitude is equal to F, the horizon plane is rotated about the vertical with angular velocity w = sinF where w - angular velocity of the Earth. Therefore, the apparent angular velocity of rotation of the plane of swing of Foucault's pendulum at the latitude F, expressed in degrees per hour of triumph, is set wm = 15 ° sinF, t. E. Will be the smaller, the smaller the F, and at the equator is zero (does not rotate the plane ). In the southern hemisphere the rotation of the plane of oscillation will occur in the direction opposite to that observed in the Northern Hemisphere. "

It quotes from a variety of sources.

The meaning is clear. The oscillating mass retains plane of oscillation. But in relation to the observers in the Pantheon of the pendulum swing plane changes.

This plane is in the northern hemisphere rotate clockwise in the Southern Hemisphere - counterclockwise. If the Earth did not rotate, it did not record any effect.

And now we begin to customize the system (harmonic instrument) to the last chord.

Let the pendulum moves more than one, but two. Let them move toward each other and collide. These pendulums are fixed on the same suspension. This does not affect the result. The plane of oscillation would be for observers in the Pantheon to rotate clockwise.

Now, in the same plane Let another ten pendulums. They do not face (because the author wants). Observed results: rotates the plane of oscillation for observers in the Pantheon in a clockwise direction.

Now suppose that a hundred pendulums. The same effect.

Let us now turn to the numbers pendulums, multiple 6 * 1023. The same effect.

The design of closed opaque casing associated with independent suspension at the top, not to see the continuous flashing of pendulums. On the housing caused the mark - arrow. We see the arrow on the limb and the Pantheon, the casing rotates.

Suppose further that a lot of (very, very much!) Pendulums swing in the direction perpendicular to the first pendulum (they do not face, because the author so wishes). The result - the housing rotates.


There are design with lots of pendulums inside, we were invisible, but real ones. The construction is suspended on independent suspension, which has an arrow pointer. Construction continues to really rotate clockwise in the Pantheon.

Try to slow down construction to extract energy. Pendulums reduce the amplitude of the speed of their movement falls.

We learned with indignation that some (all!) Pendulums still facing each other, which was prohibited by the author! But this does not affect the effect! It turns out that in collisions pendulums convey their momentum to the housing, and participate in it from turning (rotation) by other pendulums. Great Boltzmann would say once that the probability physics has a right to exist, if only because otherwise unable to explain our world.

 The author was too lazy to hang such a huge number of pendulums, each on a separate thread. The impact is transmitted through the interaction of a collision. So he locked the huge number of pendulums in a closed vessel, but they broke up, that their rate began to exceed the speed of a bullet. They fly in a confined space, face, exchanging momentum transferred momentum housing.

Only one casing is suspended on a string with independent suspension! Why hang a thousand pendulums? But on Earth is that the pressure (hitting, collision, momentum exchange) particle-pendulums on asymmetric cover. The pressure is such that causes the casing to rotate clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere and counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere.

It is time to abandon the language of Aesop!

We should instead use a pendulum (a large number of pendulums) the heated gas in a container!

 The molecules rather than pendulums! The hydrogen molecules and at room temperature for 5-6 times the speed of a bullet! Even oxygen of about 400 m / s. But the force (torque), which will counteract the inhibition of the construction when removing the power is proportional to the velocity of the molecules. This Coriolis force! And it is necessary for high speed and large molecular weight aggregate.

If we have a certain mass of light gas at a given temperature, in a closed volume, and if we have a solid body of the same mass at a given temperature, the difference in the Coriolis forces will be very noticeable.

It is known that the flow of water and air masses in the northern hemisphere are twisted in a clockwise direction, it is a fact!

It is known that the river wash away one of the beaches. When they flow towards the North Pole in the Northern Hemisphere, then wash away the right bank (east). If they are in the northern hemisphere flowing toward the equator, it is also tempted the right bank, but the West! Coast.

The forces acting on a single moving mass negligible, but the effect is enormous, planetary scale!

Global apparent, tracked, proven impact - on the environment, on the wind, on the river and very quickly and efficiently.

 On the impact of ocean currents occur with such a whim that you feel frustrated. It is time, you see, twist, it's time, then you wait for? But on the other accompanying the main stream (the bottom, layered) flows, we know so little, that it is better to keep silent modestly.

The preliminary setup project author is currently the case.

Sealed saucer (or spherical - it does not matter, but at least, and a cylinder of compressed gas) tank filled with light gas under high pressure (100 to 200 atmospheres). Gas is in gaseous state. Only then will the speed of the molecules is very, very high. This may be helium, oxygen, etc. The vessel is suspended on a thread with an independent mount. You can put the vessel in a floating platform in the pool - it does not change the picture. The vessel can and should move freely. The gas has a temperature of 300 Kelvin. Inside the vessel are radial bulkheads (otherwise with a spherical shape, we do not pass the pressure vessel of the molecules). On the outside of the vessel are fins.

The mechanism of action is.

It is believed that the momentum of the molecule will be transferred precisely wall, despite the numerous collisions with other molecules. Therefore, we can consider only two molecules taken separately, flying in opposite directions. To begin the movement of molecules from the center. One flies to the North Pole, one at the equator.

The molecule, flying from the equator to the North Pole, has two velocity components (for an observer in the Pantheon!). Firstly, it flies to the North Pole, and secondly, it somehow blows to the east (closer to the equator, the greater the linear velocity of the Earth! The molecule is flying in a straight line, but the northernmost point of the housing behind the center! So molecule misses a point lying in front of her on the meridian, and the right, to the east).

The molecule, flying from the North Pole to the equator, is carried away to the west (to the observer in the Pantheon!).

Since the inside of the casing (gas storage vessel) Author radial ribs established, almost all the side effects will be transferred to the edges. That is, from different sides of the ribs is different pressure! And where is the difference in pressure, there is movement. The vessel begins to turn. In addition, if we measure the pressure difference, it is possible to determine at what latitude we are - simple positioning system!

(Closed system spontaneously begins to rotate, but only if the Earth rotates Say someone -! Do not believe only one argument is there the Author - put housing on the pendulum in the Pantheon, and it will rotate Fight the concrete!). When the linear velocity of the casing (vessel) will be such that there is no longer a pressure difference, the vessel will maintain the set speed. This speed is ideal Foucault pendulum located at a given latitude.

Now we will try to slow down construction. Speed drops, but increases the torque. This point seeks to restore the previous speed. Gas inside gives energy and is cooled. Speed remains constant and equal to the speed of rotation of the pendulum Foucault! But braking - recovery of this energy! Energy is extracted and spend only on lighting design.

Another load will increase. Increases torque. The gas is cooled. But with the heat (energy) is continuously supplied to the atmospheric side to it, which still manages to compensate for the expenses - the author speaks of the fins for heat exchange from the top casing! Speed remains constant and equal to the speed of rotation of the pendulum Foucault! But now we extract energy from a decent structure - we are its brakes, for example, the generator, give energy to the consumer, illuminates all the lobby.

Yet increased load. Increased so that the heat outside is not enough to compensate for losses. The gas is cooled, the speed drops, the vessel stops. The load was too great.

 Now we do the opposite - we are forced to rotate the container with the gas in the direction of its natural movement (in the direction of rotation of the Foucault pendulum). We will exceed the design speed of rotation of the plane of the pendulum Foucault's speed at a given latitude. And then will brake! Not clear on the outside but the inside is very clear. Not there will now hit the molecule, not there arises a pressure difference. Gas inside will heat up! That is because bredyatina (bullshit!). Rotation of the vessel with the gas in the Northern Hemisphere clockwise will cause a warming! (When the vessel speed exceeds the rotational speed of the plane of the pendulum of Foucault). And he will resist rotation! Anybody ever thought about this? Heat the vessel with a simple rotation of the gas? Or feel the resistance in excess of negligible speed (revolution per 32 hours at the latitude of the Pantheon!)

So. On Earth, at a given latitude to Foucault pendulum we have a well-defined rotation frequency (resonance), and the direction of the resonant frequency of rotation in the Northern Hemisphere clockwise in the southern hemisphere and anti-clockwise.

More (higher) resonant frequency - we heat the gas. Below the resonance frequency (smaller) we cool gas. State (stop) without changing the temperature. Rotation in the opposite direction - again heating!

Does this remind you of synchronous machine? If it slow down (given the load), it begins to increase torque. But it only grows to a certain limit. This limit is determined by the current in the car, and the magnetic field rotational speed, it is inherent structural and technological parameters. If you exceed this limit, the machine will fall (tilt, loss of sync - so the phenomenon is sometimes called).

If helping the rotor spinning, the machine instead of the absorption of energy from the network begins to give energy to the network. But, again, up to a certain limit. If you exceed the speed of rotation of the field, then come back tipping, loss of synchronism. However, if the synchronous machine does not work on a network (a network of tightly holding the car in the specified frequency parameters), and a simple load (heaters, lamps, induction motors), then nothing will happen. Just change the frequency of the generated current. Machine absorbs energy from the drive motor and sends its load.

Little of. For Foucault pendulum moves it is not at a constant rate (swing plane is rotated at a constant speed!). At the points of extreme variations of its velocity is zero. Only in the center of the pendulum has a maximum speed. And this rate is very small - meters per second. Coriolis force is equal to twice the vector product of the angular velocity of the body at the speed of the system. A large gas molecules have the speed - hundreds or thousands of meters per second at room temperature. It is an ideal gyro. Sensitive sensors in the gas container may give a signal of the differential pressure in the vessel resting on the opposite sides of the radial bulkheads - and we will be able to determine the latitude of the place. And while moving the pole to the equator (and vice versa) depending on the moving speed will be changed to the pressure bulkhead, therefore, knowing the Earth's rotation rate can be calculated speed.

The author considers the horizontal displacement. But in the third gas molecules moving in the vertical direction! And for their effect will also occur.

If a horizontal vessel with a gas (or Foucault pendulum) rotated about a vertical axis, with a gas container with a vertical plane of rotation (for definiteness - torr) will rotate around a horizontal axis. Moreover, and at the equator, too! But on the pole, it seems, the design of the horizontal axis will not rotate.

And as the axis of rotation in the horizontal plane must be oriented? If a latitude (east - west), then construction will not rotate. If the axis is parallel to the meridian, it will rotate.

The mechanism is simple because: descend molecule moves more quickly than a point on a straight line on the vessel at the other end, and it blows east, climbing up the molecule is carried away to the west. If the plane of rotation is not oriented from east to west, and the possibility to rotate there. A fixed axis, of course, focused on the meridian.

But how to organize the suspension? Can also be placed in a vessel with the liquid to relieve pressure on the bearing can be suspended in a magnetic field, which is difficult and expensive.

All the arguments cited by the author with respect to gas, apply to liquid and solid.


American engineers have found in Argentine marshes mysterious island. Originally the island was seen on Google Maps, then its existence has been confirmed by investigators who reached him by helicopter. It turned out that the island has a perfect round shape and rotates. The island is located in the marshy delta of Parana River. Locals know about the existence of the island for a long time, but did not approach him because they think that there dwells an ancient deity.