BUBBLE Alcubierre - Two accelerators

on 09 May 2016.

In 1994 Miguel Alcubierre published an article about the trip in a controlled deforming bubble "using the drive: high-speed travel in general relativity." It is to compress the space time domain before ship and the expansion of the ship. While the ship itself is in a static state inside the bubble.
He glides through the universe to the space-time wave.
The only known way to promote the ship today ahead - use of energy of the black hole.
This black hole is assumed that object (substance), which will distort space and time before ship to move forward.
Speed ​​can reach unprecedented quantities.
The proposed article to your attention: pay attention to the fact that the space is distorted not only around the "black holes", but in the immediate vicinity of the beam of relativistic particles.
Is there any evidence to support this?
We know that unstable particles accelerated to sub-light speeds, live longer (such as mesons). Hence, space and time for their properties change.
We know that the elementary particle is not a material point, is some region of space with its characteristic properties.
We know that exposure to the beam of charged particles can be made from a distance - so work all the accelerators. This means that the area of ​​the beam properties extends to a considerable distance.
We know that the region properties of charged particles appears much better than uncharged. Consequently, it is necessary to use charged particles.
We know that two beams of charged particles with different energies, which was started in parallel, exchanged between the energy. Moreover, the beam of energetic particles more energy to less energetic beam. Consequently, in the space between the beams of energy overflow occurs.
Author presents itself as a conceptual ship design or device.
There are two circular particle accelerator. One is located in front of the object to be transported, the other - behind.
The first accelerator accelerates particles to energies of a few times the energy of the particles in the second accelerator.
One way is directed particle rotation or in opposite directions - verification ...?
Material preferred dielectric tube.
The mechanism of action is as follows.
After the dispersal of particles space - time in front of and behind the ship is compressed. But ahead of the vastly superior compression compression behind. The gradient (difference) contractions. The object rolled into the area ahead.
So instead of a donkey holding a carrot, so he went over the hooves.
waste of energy: the work of the two accelerators + unknown energy to move. Presumably, this energy is proportional to the product of the transformation of energy path length of the space in this way, and the mass of the object.
We need an experiment with two modernized betatron.