on 30 December 2015.

There is a need to create an artificial atmosphere on space objects.

The increasing density of the environment around satellites will contribute to radiation protection.

Creating an atmosphere around the objects on the moon or Mars will make a giant leap in the development of these planets, and with increased security on them.

And it's amazing that the modern knowledge system and experimental data allow us to do it!

The first option.

If you hold the charged particles, the problem can be considered solved. Magnetic traps in experiments on plasma containment developed thoroughly.

For specialists in nuclear fusion is the task to warm up: the plasma pressure is 1 atmosphere, temperature 300 K, the concentration of particles 6*1023 22.4 liters, the mixture is singly charged oxygen ions (30%) and nitrogen (70%), and the nitrogen may be replaced by another inert gas, e.g. helium. Question: how big must a magnetic field to provide plasma containment on the moon on a five-meter path from the laboratory to the spacecraft when the width of the path of one meter?

The simplest trap (magnetic bottle) can represent a structure consisting of two spaced at a predetermined distance of the coils with current. The coils are arranged on the same axis. The coils are preferably superconducting.

The objection first. We don't breathe plasma.

Objection the second. At this concentration of particles, the recombination will lead to the departure of the particle from the trap over a short time period.

The answer the first. You can provide for the recombination of molecules, for example, on a metal grid in front of the face.

To answer the second. Oxygen and nitrogen are paramagnetic. Even after recombination (neutralization) they will seek to get involved in a magnetic field.

Addition. We don't have to use oxygen and nitrogen as a filler traps. The main task - to withdraw the suit, work in a safe environment at a relatively safe pressure, and breathing using a breathing apparatus.

Apparently, one should not approach the problem this way: pulled from the ship two coils filed them current, filled the trap acceptable gas composition ionized mixture, remove the spacesuits.

If you dig a trench, three of the four sides are completely closed to leak even without a magnetic field. If you make a canopy over the trench, and no matter if it is not sealed, and here protect yourself from leaks. And now if to apply a magnetic field, the leakage reduced to a minimum.

It is possible that ionize the gas mixture does not have to – and nitrogen and oxygen are paramagnetic, and so they are drawn into a magnetic field and do not seek to leave it (and there are more strong paramagnetic). But recall that from the theory and practice of magnetohydrodynamic generators, it is known that even a slight ionization of the flow (1-2% of the total number of particles) allows us to manage the entire flow. Therefore, a few quartz lamps can provide sufficient ionization and retention mix. But if the canopy will pass the sun light (ultraviolet) lamp is not required. But what terrible burns you can get without a spacesuit. Add to that the fact that if you organize a directed motion of a slightly ionized gas mixture, for example, in a circle, then retention will improve. As if blowing in the wind... 

A variant of the second.

It is known that without exception, all substances are polarized in an electric field. A molecule (or atom if the atomic gas) then represents the dipole. And the dipoles are drawn into the region of maximum field.

In this area creates a zone of compacted gas. Pressure adhering dipoles associated not only with the source of the field, but also among themselves, will exceed the atmospheric pressure (if the experience of producing on the Ground). If the experience was carried out in vacuum after gas injection in the investigated area, it is all adsorbed in the gap between the electrodes to which voltage is applied. The pressure will depend on the applied voltage and the electrical properties of the gas. In addition, you can do a few steps of deduction, how much of the border with increasing pressure, as would gateway.

And this cluster of agglomerated dipoles will not evaporate, diffuse in the surrounding space, into the void! The pressure in this cluster may exceed atmospheric!

More time for yourself, to understand what gave unruly keyboard.

Taken two wires parallel to each other. Wire covered with good insulation to avoid ionization. Wires placed in vacuum. On the wire is high tension on the verge of a breakdown – at a distance of 50 mm, voltage about 100 kV. The vacuum chamber is injected analyte. Measured concentration of the substance between the wires, the pressure, the volume of the shell.

You can take a hundred and a thousand wires, can be woven mesh or notched design. When reducing the interelectrode distance can be significantly reduced voltage.

You can create a mask from the set of meshes. The air pressure in the interelectrode space will increase. And this will provide on the Ground of the climber at high altitude the normal gas mixture. It will suck from the interelectrode space enriched mixture, and heated (see art. Electroadsorption – energy atmosphere). It is recommended not to exhale into the mask.

The moon has no winds. Therefore, once the gas-filled volume will retain it indefinitely, as long as voltage is applied to the electrodes. In the absence of leaks and losses on ionization and energy costs will be negligible.

Simple generator van der Graf is easy and gives a hundred thousand and a million volts. Placing the Orb in the center, and a plurality of small electrodes (or conductive shield) of the opposite polarity on the perimeter, I hope, be able to create a region with a satisfactory density of the gas mixture.

The third option.

To combine options one and two. In a magnetic trap (even the simplest bottle design) to create an electric field with a large gradient (e.g., the first electrode is a conducting plane of the perimeter of the large square and the second electrode ball small square in the center).

It is clear that the magnitude of the magnetic field will depend on the density of the medium in the trap. It is clear that the magnitude of the electric field will depend on the density of the medium. But if the magnetic field requires a very decent energy to maintain, that electric field requires ridiculously little energy to maintain. Therefore, the bias should, in the author's opinion, still to be done in the direction of the electric field. The study of electrical adsorption, which had long been asserted by the author, should be considered a priority.

On Mars there is a canyon Hebe. The depth of 8 kilometers. At its bottom the pressure significantly exceeds the pressure on the surface (barometric formula). To increase the pressure due to the electric adsorption and the magnetic trap does not present much of a problem. And the deeper we go beneath the surface of Mars, the greater ambient atmospheric pressure and the easier it is to increase traps.

A solution will be found for sure.

And Mars will be Apple blossom. Moon outdoors! Well, almost in the open...

Imagine how nice good lovely Moon night out of the lab in Slippers on his bare feet. Breathe in the aroma (or smell?) of the earth (or moon?). The air like after a thunderstorm is saturated with ozone – breathe easy and exciting. Sit under a canopy on a bench. To see the Earth above the horizon. To smoke a good cigarette. Drink one hundred grams (and preferably two hundred or even three hundred, but two times) and eat cold cucumber from the garden under his feet, and then to disrupt ripened tomato, cut, prisolit, put a sprig of dill and add. And all because of their own, with their hands raised, without chemicals, but growing by leaps and bounds (by the way, one hundred grams is also his own, a natural yeast). To throw the butt, toss the bottle far beyond the trench – gravity is so small that far will fly - view to support that new record. To urinate on a bed with a vitamin greens – all good. To remove dried linen cable electric canister – it is, of course, the smell of frost. Shake from slipper rock. To go on a holiday and not worry about if I closed the door behind him.

And earn six penalties from the unseen eye. Well, at least the day is not wasted. Maybe in a few years will arrive another watch.