Gift submariners

on 10 December 2015.


Sometimes, indulging with the devices, you get a striking result that later weeks skrebesh head. But comes to mind only one thought: who cares? And there is no answer.
And if the answer is no, then it is best to give this stuff and forget how horrible son.Horoshaya idea will need brains.
So, imagine such a setup. Generator 2.64 MHz working on piezoelectric crystal. The crystal is a liquid (water). Above the surface of the liquid forms a fountain of ultrasound, and a fine, it seems - the water is boiling. Thus it works, such as an ultrasonic nebulizer.
On the desk lying jambalaya. You are already in a container dolili alcohol and did not get the effect, that is, did not get anything except waste alcohol. You take the medication packaging, separating one pill, throw in a container - and instantly stops soaring!
Check the generator - is OK, check the crystal - is intact, check the current leads, leak - okay.
Take another container with another crystal - works fine.
Wash the vessel into which drug is added, fill with fresh water - is not working.
Once again all the rechecking, washed, try - observe some weak attempts, hints of ultrasonic radiation on the surface of the water.
Again and again washed. Ultrasonic emission increases. We put a container under running water for a dozen minutes. Radiation is restored in full.
The interpretation of such experience.
The substance added to the vessel absorbs ultrasound. Moreover it absorbs so well that even trace amounts of this substance was quenched radiation almost 99%.
Trace amounts - it is so small that it would be desirable only shrug when evaluating its concentration in water.If you pour the solution (one hundred grams of water per half a gram tablets) once, rinse with fresh water and type - how many remain?
If you pour the second time, rinse with fresh water and type, how much is left?
If continuously washed with water for ten minutes, then it remains as? (A check in a minute gave negative results, two - negative!)
Apparently, the structure of the substance is such as to resonantly absorb ultrasound (tests with other frequencies author does not spent - one megahertz right and left, obviously, a little hard for approval).
Now suppose that the substance absorbs sound vibrations in a very wide range of frequencies. In particular, and those frequencies that are running sonars. And if this is not the substance, we find more! Now, because it is clear that these substances are.
Then we can conclude that the underwater vessel, surrounded by a shell of a trace amount of the substance dissolved in water, will not give a reflected signal, there will not see it on a sonar screen. Technology ship invisible, but in the water!
The author is of the opinion that dissolving the substance in water especially is not necessary. Simply enter it into the rubber that covers the body of the underwater vessel. If only in the course of technological processes do not disrupt the structure of matter. And if you still have to apply the substance to the environment (because the interaction of water plays a role), such a minuscule that hundred kilograms is enough for a year-long flight.
And the costumes divers may have a substance in their composition.
And boats with a coating absorbing ultrasound.
And torpedoes.
And port facilities.
And if you rub laughing dolphin gelyu (ointment) with a mixture of such substances, it is a lot to be able to sniff out a potential enemy without being detected itself.
A lot of good things you can create with the help of resonance absorption of ultrasound.
And why must the ultrasound? And what is an ultrasound in the water? To estimate the frequency, that is heard in the air?
The author wants to say the following.
Mechanical (acoustic - that's for sure) any frequency fluctuations in a medium such as water can be suppressed by the introduction of certain substances into the water. Noise screws turbulent flow around a body of water surfaces - typical noise of any moving body can die out without going and meters from the source. It is only necessary to find the substance (s) which absorbs the noises.This opens up new possibilities at underwater (and freeboard) fleet.
 It is worth messing with ultrasound, noise and Drug Administration. By the way, a medicine called "Ftalazol." In seawater, it is definitely not.