Van der Waals forces - is gravity

on 10 December 2015.



The author brings to your attention the following hypothesis:
Gravity is a continuation of the intermolecular and interatomic interaction forces. Gravity (ie the interatomic and molecular interaction) depends on the interaction of substances. Perhaps as more in comparison with the classical laws of gravity and less interaction (up to repulsion) of various substances.
Van der Waals force manifest in all contacts of atoms, molecules and macroscopic bodies. For the same atoms (or other particles) in the ground state of these forces is always attractive. For different - they can be a force of attraction and repulsion so. For small distances between the molecules of these forces depend on the shape of the molecules, they can also lead to the deformation of the interacting molecules.
Despite the strong dependence on distance Van der Waals force can occur at distances of 10 nm (10-8 m) or more.


Fig.1. For example, the graph looks interaction between two atoms of a single substance.


 Fig.2. Here's what a graph of the interaction forces between atoms (or molecules or particles) some two different substances.
If we do know that the Earth all bodies attract and acceleration of free fall to them the same (?), Then it does not follow that all bodies (all different substances) is equally attracted to each other under the condition of equal masses and distances.
 Yes, and it's time (worth it!) To clarify: the bodies of different masses in different ways approach the Earth! At the time of the fall of a body on the Earth and the Earth begins to fall on the body. Therefore, different body mass approach the Earth with different acceleration! Calculate the difference can be. Measure - doubt. But then the statement itself is "free fall acceleration is the same for all bodies" inaccurate. Roughly say - wrongly! How much turbidity in the brain it brought!
Land - is a huge conglomerate of substances and fields that it seems to be any substance to change its essence - a complex shell of external fields - it is wrinkled, deformed. Only attraction to the center! We do not know of substances that would go up. For example, Cavor had to have this property. (HG Wells. The first people on the Moon). (Without aerostatics, gentlemen!). Yes, and a tiny difference in weight was not heard to lock.
But how to measure the "true" kilo of copper, sulfur or chlorine? Weighing? It can not be, if there is a difference in the attraction. Counting atoms - complete nonsense. Calculations on the exit of a chemical reaction - do not tell you! Compare with the standard in
Paris - yes, see Paris and die! But in addition to spending public money will not be confused how convincingly one Ukrainian minister (see Paris and not to sit - it must be able!). Inertia way? You know this method, it is authentic, it is impossible to find fault with him?
That is, if "true" really are kilogram of substance, this does not mean that the scale readings will be equal - it is impossible to disprove one assumption (but just a guess!) That they interact differently with the Earth. And you can not refute the assertion that equal weights of evidence we have for the different weight of the samples.
Moreover, the bodies of different densities with the same mass will have a different amount, therefore, be taken into account and Archimedes force, because we do all the measurements in the air. Who may be, when be conducted such experiments, measurements, made corrections? I doubt. Therefore, with 100% certainty I declare that down kilogram weighs more than a kilogram of copper (weighed first in air and then in a vacuum). Or is someone you want to compare in the balance and the weight kilogram iron sphere filled with a kilo of hydrogen? This is where precisely and vividly manifest the difference in weight calculated on the scales!
The expression "bodies of equal masses" is unclear, crafty, hitromudroy.
If you can not determine the degree of interaction between the sample and the atmosphere with the Earth, it is impossible to talk about equality.
We know that there is in the world (and the Moon, by the way) the place where gravity is different from the "average". Gravity may be either greater or less than "average". Mascons antimaskony and - so it seems, these places are called. Observations of the trajectories of satellites is reliably fixed. Explain to them or the presence of a dense mass in the depths of the planet, or the presence of voids.
Can timidly suggest that there are substances that interact with the Earth non-classical way. It remains to hope that some of the material is still partially shielding effect of the Earth.
It is logical to assume that the thicker the layer of shielding material, the greater will be the effect of screening. And it is natural to assume that the effect will be seen only in the vicinity of these substances, or within themselves. With increasing distance the effect will be immeasurable. Since the introduction of the magnetic field in diamagnetic push out of its thickness the magnetic field, but thicken the lines of force is diamagnetic. (Nosov. Dunno on the Moon).It is proved that at distances of 10-100 or more atomic diameters force interaction of substances greatly exceed the gravitational forces. Then, with increasing distance (the deep conviction of the author) they go into what we call gravity.
But once there is a body (matter, molecules, particles) are repelled by the forces of molecular interaction, the author suggested that at large distances the force does not change the sign is justified, it is logical!
It is necessary to take several samples of substances and test them on the torsion balance. Since the forces are negligible, it should be a decent weight (100 kilograms or more). Moreover, the experiments carried out in the chamber, which hypothetically could escape from the influence of the Earth. From the variety of substances that exhibit van der Waals forces of repulsion, and must obviously choose the material chamber and the material samples.
On Earth, practically all the experiments performed in air atmosphere. And just imagine: you get a clean layer is very attractive (or repulsive, it does not matter) of the substance, such as a clean cut lead. They react with each other so that it is difficult to break. But this layer is active with respect to oxygen. And after a very short time its activity drops to zero. Therefore, the atmosphere can be an obstacle (the offender, distorting factor) true interaction.
Moreover, even without entering into a bond, the air molecules can stick round the sample so that the true effect will be nothing left. Boxwood coal, for example, attracts (adsorbs) to 90 volumes of ammonia, 55 volume of sulfur dioxide and oxygen volumes 9! Imagine this cluster: a liter of coal, plastered with 90 liters of ammonia or 9 liters of oxygen? How will then interact with each other, two of the cluster? How will they interact with other bodies?
 Adsorption seems to have the same manifestation of the Van der Waals forces, like gravity. But she realizes itself in the immediate area, so fantastically strong - at short distances the law of gravity (say modest - attraction) is not
! If the same coal sample tray in a vacuum to a sealed volume of oxygen (or ammonia, which "loves" more coal), the interaction must occur in "pure" form. Even if the ammonia and carbon packed in condoms.
The ionic bond, covalent bond, adsorption, gravity - so, in my opinion should be placed (present number) reacting substances.
On Earth, there are practically no pure elements from the periodic table. There oxides, compounds, alloys, mixtures thereof. If they give pure samples in minute quantities. And no one in the head does not come to check on their gravitational interaction. Yes, and keep them not in a vacuum chamber.
However, in the course of geological processes in large enough volume depth could be created exceptional conditions. With enormous pressure and without air reaction occurs, contributing to the formation of substances that are qualitatively different from the substances obtained on the surface.
(Think of how much time, effort and money needed to get the diamond! And get a daze now, when you know that the iron-carbon melt, poured into water, the crumbs were really diamonds! And receive two hundred years ago!).
Besides.If the two substances (or two oxygen atoms, for example) are attracted to each other, then at least most of the convergence of all the field will focus only between atoms (almost like a field of opposite charges). After contact (or merge in an oxygen molecule) almost all the focus in the field of intermolecular space. Outside will be formed some other field, completely different on the pitch of the individual particles, but also interacts with the fields of other particles. And the study of the spectra of complex compounds confirms this - their spectrum does not consist of the sum of the constituent atoms!
If there is repulsion fields of atoms or molecules, the convergence of these atoms or molecules must be accompanied by the displacement, pushing the fields of atomic spaces outside. Hence, other atoms and molecules that are in close proximity, but not converging receive some effect.
Again. If the test sample and the standard are repulsion as the primary interaction of Van der Waals forces, then putting considerable pressure on the sample, we will increase the strength of his repulsion by reference. Conversely, stretching the sample, we draw in the field in the interatomic space and reduce the strength of the interaction with the standard.
If the van der Waals forces give the attraction - it is the opposite, ie, squeezing the sample - increasing attraction to the standard, stretching - decreases.
But who knows, who knows ...
Physics explains everything, even chemical and biological processes. And we have already come to the fact that she will explain gravity.
Popping fields, deformation of shells of atoms must change the physical properties of the strain specimen.
But it's there! When the samples were examined for compression-tension, changes the physical properties of a rod from the sample. And sometimes true pattern is replaced by a transparent layout (glass, plastic) and passing light, analyze changes in the properties. Changes all parameters, without exception! The refractive index - changes the polarization - changing magnetic properties - are changing the electrical properties - change! Shall, (can not change!) Gravity or what the author calls the field particle interaction!
By the way, compression - tension - torsion - bending should then influence the chemical properties of some substances. The interesting thing - how to activate a substance for the desired reaction by pressure - compression! Then for a long time should be documented evidence that in places the greatest stress occurs enhanced corrosion. And for gaseous substances is long established - some reactions occur only at high pressure!
And it is interesting: to increase the pressure in the vessel can not only compression, but also an increase in temperature. This means that "crumpled" field may "spill over" to the outside of the vessel or body under heating! The highest temperature in the plasma can be achieved. Therefore, we can assume that the plasma near the vessel should be a very interesting phenomenon, and, both physical and chemical. Discharge lamps (in physical terms, this low-temperature plasma - tens of thousands of degrees) can be a catalyst (a source of) an amazing process.Besides. The process of crushing (strain) of the outer shells and physically confirmed experimentally. R. Wood, the famous American physicist, convincingly proved that only when a large negative pressure in the range of substances appearing lines completely missing at high pressure.
Add the following fact. It should be observed at compression stimulated emission, discharge of energy by atoms or molecules. Do we have proof? Enough! Hit in the dark on any stone! And metal amiss.
Compression piezoelectric is accompanied by a large electrical potentials, and even (!) Appearance (release) of relativistic particles. The appearance of the fields in compression (or tension) should be inherent in one way or another, without exception substances (and gas!). Interesting topic! Research fields of solids and gases in the deformation volume changes in pressure or velocity of the vortices! Is it because so many thunderstorms in the tornado, storms, volcanic eruptions?
This suggests the idea to use it and lasers - to make environment to lose power with increasing stress (for solids), or when the pressure increases - for gaseous. Even sound waves (fronts of compression and decompression) should contribute to the initiation of radiation.
 But then the tensile energy absorption should be observed! Why have not detected? Is there a technique - that is the answer! How can we fix the energy loss - a decrease in the temperature of the sample, a decrease in the emission? In fact, stretching the solid sample must be recorded drop in temperature. Worth a try ... And in the gas and try to do not - know the law Klaperona -Mendeleeva.
But here it is interesting: why then after repeated cyclic compression and tensile samples are heated? After all, how much energy we spent on compression (heating), so much and absorb tensile (cooling). And because there is a hysteresis (lag) by changing the pressure change in the volume (or strain). Direct and reverse cycle (compression and tension) are not on the same road, Hysteresis. And the area of ​​the loop there is extra work for the series, which goes into heating. Spring under cyclic compression - tension will heat up! Just like gas. But with a single slow cycle parameters can be removed.
Even in the depths of the Earth and not formed anything new and ultra-pure, then there is a huge pressure. And there is a pressure drop. And on these billions of tons of matter, and think that is terrible. Therefore, it is in fault zones and other geological oddities have recorded changes of satellite orbits. And they may have to keep track of a millimeter!
And then the prediction accumulating earth voltages can be made along the path of the satellite! And to predict when they pass the critical level. The explosions of volcanoes, catastrophic earthquakes, tsunamis do not happen just like that, they are prepared by deep processes. Be forewarned - it is half the battle.
The paradoxical idea - to see what is under the ground, you have to look at the sky!
Not molded the concept of "gravity" in any far-fetched theory. This is a purely electric force (more precisely. Electromagnetic). And the answer to her soon to be found in a superposition of fields than in turbid reasoning about the curvature of space.
What steps should be taken today to confirm the (inevitably!) Or deny (doubtful) the author's hypothesis about the nature of gravity?
Raise the literature and make a table of van der Waals forces for a variety of elements and complex substances.
Choose a pair of substances with the greatest forces of repulsion.Check for the interaction of these substances with significant masses and distances of the order of meters.
 Check the interaction within the chamber from similar substances.
 Check the interaction of substances in the chamber, surrounded by a low-temperature plasma (plasma composition change).
 Analyze data tracking the trajectories of satellites and compared with the data of seismic activity.
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