Another world - the electric field

on 10 December 2015.



We live in the world, all the laws we have removed the so-called "normal conditions." We can calculate the frequency of oscillation of the pendulum, if we know the length, we can determine the strength of interaction between the two bodies, if we know its mass, etc. We have a lot of things we can.But the slight change in the conditions, move to the right to the left of "normal conditions" and comes impotence. And - complete impotence.
 The author proposes a topic.
 The electric (and magnetic) interaction of bodies by many orders of magnitude than the gravitational. Physical, chemical and biological processes in the powerful electric fields are qualitatively different from those in normal conditions.
 And it allows us to make a trip to another world with other laws without much spending and aliens.





So the author stands on a platform in front of the van der Graaf, touches the ball and starts the generator.
Hair stand on end! And not from fear: there are charges on the hair (a paltry, midget, immeasurable), but they are opposed to gravitational forces raise the hair. If you have lice, they jump off in an instant. And what a blessing it is for the dogs - to get rid of fleas without chemicals! Incidentally, the author talks about this quite seriously - to save a cat or dog from fleas without chemicals is a good use of the generator. Dandruff, incidentally, also be blown in all directions. Trifle, as they say, a nice and helpful.
We get the pendulums of different materials, different masses, but of equal length strands. To swing the pendulum. They hang out as they wish. To be more precise - is unpredictable, unknown laws. Moreover, there is a clear difference of swinging pendulums and conductors from insulators. According to our (Soviet) laws, the pendulums of the same length should oscillate with the same frequency regardless of the material and the weight of the cargo.
In addition, some pendulums do deviate from the vertical: clearly felt repulsion from the ball of the generator. The oscillation period none of the pendulum coincides with the period of "normal".
Under my feet the whole vast mass of the Earth. But the pendulum charge accumulates so insignificant that brought it to the electroscope, is also unknown whether the petals move apart. On the generator charge the ball more, but it is negligible. Yes electroscope and will not work in such conditions - the petals disperse in extreme positions and will no longer respond to the presentation to the charge.Electric power somewhere in 1037 times greater than gravity.
We took out a bottle, a glass and trying to pour water (vodka, then Coca-Cola). The jet deviates from the vertical! Moreover, the jet also sprayed, atomized, broken down into droplets. The jet is also charged and like charges repel. So she breaks into a spray. And a glass of charged, so it is difficult to get. In addition ball and pushes away the jet. I assure you, for a large voltage (1-5 million volts), the path resistance of 1-100 MW - this is not a problem!
Electronic clock on the hand show complete nonsense. Any electronic circuit will refuse to work, because the potential go-order semiconductor Volta, and suddenly there are potentials (gradients), even a small change in position of the hands of hundreds of thousands of volts!
Mechanical watch (on the other hand) lying desperately. The fact that by mechanical interaction gears joined and electric interaction. And it gives a considerable effect!
The frictional force is known to be defined for these surfaces and only bodies pressure. That is (without lubricant) prototypes have the same slide on the surface of the equally experienced in
America and Ukraine
. So why all of a sudden changed the friction? Why are they not slip? Because friction - is electrical interaction. And if the surface charges of the same charge, the interaction changes.
Come down now (changed his mind!), To compare notes with the standard and ...!
But no! We will go on! So far, so interesting!
We take suspension, a suspension of particles in water (or other liquid - does not matter).
And what do we see? The slurry was stratified! Colloidal particles are pushed out of the liquid. This effect we can achieve if we turn the liquid into a good centrifuge. Since erythrocytes are separated from blood plasma. But it is not as easy! That's found a new device for coagulation and separation of fractions (blood, suspensions, slurries). By the way, the most needed such a device would be to clean drinking water.
Changed his mind (inner voice says)! What is happening with their own blood, no one knows. But it is known: nearly all the blood it is in the subcutaneous layer, and it is now exposed to the powerful influence.
No, farther and longer!Take two solutions, one such caustic second - acid. And merge them, knowing what would happen and all the easy heating, the reaction will take place in five seconds. But not so: there is something turbid in the retort, any reaction is, but obviously not what you expect. (not to talk solution!) Part of ions of similar charge to the ball generator, fled in the direction opposite to the ball, the other part of ions of opposite charge to the ball, pulled her to him. Something is happening due to diffusion, but the result is obviously not the same. And if you experiment a bit and learn the capacity needed on the generator to start up reaction (different, tens, hundreds) are rarely going to the side (there are petty responses that rarely go in the right direction), we can work something out. And if a change in the equilibrium of reactions that are equally well in the forward and reverse direction, and this is a success.
Take the device to measure the sugar solution. The electric field polarizes the solution. And on the stand device lying! Anyway, a beam of polarized light passing through any solutions, we observe the rotation of the polarization plane. Van Der Graf Generator gives a very decent voltage - a thing! One million volts - easy! In addition, it offers and what makes no existing device - the same charge to all elements of the scheme. If you miss the beam between the plates of a capacitor - this of course, it gives a very decent field strength. But something I have not read (heard, thought) that once someone missed the beam through a polarized and charged Wednesday. Believe me, this was not. Never. Never.
We take any nonsense called gravimeter. If this is the structure of the pendulum, then lying. If this structure, measuring the fall of the reference load - lying again! Cargo loaded, desk plate - charged, is charged balloon near the generator, so the trajectory of the fall there is the curve, and clumsy. The measurements of the gravitational potential (not a natural potential, and it is only measuring!) Depend not only on magnetic storms, the electric potential of the air, the humidity, but even from changes in atmospheric pressure! (It is even noted in the instruction manual of the device).
Then take the barometer. What kind of scheme to take - with mercury or mercury-free (called aneroid)? Overboard is the device that measures the outside, "normal" pressure (standard). We take exactly the same device. On the van der Graaf generator measures the pressure of the instrument, according to experience, agreed to experience similar tested device. The air is slightly charged? The charged particles repel each other? Consequently, they take up more volume. Consequently, we have depression, but at the same pressure. Thus, warming the air, we reduce the number of particles per unit volume. Perhaps in this way it is possible and inflate the balloon from a simple-charged air? Everybody says that before the storm voltage air becomes unbearable, it becomes very difficult to breathe. This author once noted in A. Wallace (
's predecessor) in his marvelous book, "Tropical Nature".By the way, a device that measures the pressure on the panel of the generator once again show bredyatinu! And so what if it's mercury, who said that the wettability (or rather, nesmachivaemost) vessel Mercury will not change? Let's say that will change the surface tension. Charged elements equally repelled, thus raising a column of mercury will change. And capillary phenomenon will be distorted (and in fact in a living organism a lot of capillaries).
And aneroid (Bourdon tube, flute) are also charged, so the readings may not be identical with the standard. Pressure to fix a standard different!
Have you ever worked with microammeter? It is such a delicate thing (thing!), Even the charge of the glass that covers the scale from mild friction affects the readings. Now imagine that charged all the details. Lying mercilessly!
And if a very light spring receives the charge? Then its elastic force (Hooke force) will increase significantly, will exceed the force without charge. Therefore, any mechanical devices based on the elastic force will lie. And what they are thinner, more elegant, the more they will lie. Barometer with fine hair will lie more than others.
Switch off the external light. But not complete darkness comes. Illuminated globe glow hands, especially fingertips, lit clothes. St. Elmo's fire, so, in my opinion, the sailors called this phenomenon. By the way, it is quite often see and feel the climbers. Since in such fields the people were many hours, it is likely, and the experimenter did not happen (good - if you do not believe in omens, bad - if you believe in omens).
  None known and widely used tool will not show significant results. Therefore, based on the readings on the objective reality is not necessary. We are in another world! And the reaction of the body can be so unexpected that inevitably comes the idea - and then I drank today?
It will be interesting experience for a long stay in a powerful electric field - days and months. Since a short stay does not detect harmful effects, then we can decide on such experience. It is not necessary to climb into the heavenly heights, dive into the depths of the sea! A room with a Van der Graaf generator, the minimum living conditions, a diary of observations, instruments, communications (optical fiber). By the way, the transfer of equipment, food, things should take place without the experimenter's primary contact. All the things in the room are charged, the experimenter also supplied items - no. Therefore, the primary contact will be accompanied by an electric discharge.
Highlanders live longer. And they often fall under the strong electric fields. Who knows how to change the biological response of the organism in such fields? Perhaps therapeutic effect exceeds all expectations.
There are people who pay a fortune to fly into space. Besides weightlessness, there is nothing good there. And weightlessness is good only a few minutes - we are physiologically not prepared for it.
So why not dive into the world of a powerful electric field? The number of strange and unexplained phenomena there is an order of magnitude greater.You can leave a million volts at 10 million volts, and then with hard (double, triple, quadruple) measures that prevent breakdown, and leave 100 million volts! Who knows, maybe that is where lies the door to another dimension, portal to another world? Electric fields, as already mentioned, in 1037 times stronger effect on matter and space than gravity. And if you write well, you can just grow stupid: in 100000000000000000000000000000000000000 (37 zeros) times stronger effect than gravity! What sort of black holes, quasars, neutron stars - this is all nonsense. Thirty-seven zeros Croutes them like a bull sheep. Reality show with huge ratings provided by pioneers.
Discovery, discoveries, inventions, new phenomena - the success of the experimenters!