Ice, soot and sunshine

on 07 October 2012.

A huge amount of energy falling on the earth's surface. Much of it is re-emitted, reflected from the surface of the clouds. of glaciers scattered irrevocably atmosphere.

 Use and a percent of that energy to achieve some of its small, domestic purposes can afford to engage in life processes huge volumes of creative potential - gratuitous solar energy.

Changing the albedo (reflectivity) of the surface, the use of energy is in the form of heat, without any of its transformation - is the way, which can now affect the global climate ... and clean the snow from the field with no cars, roads, roofs, slopes, melted icebergs ...

Materials vary enormously on reflectivity. If soot absorbs almost 100% of the incident radiation, and in the whole range, the ice reflects 90%. Just lightly blackened snow surface to tens and hundreds of times to increase the energy absorption.

 Suppose that a total of 100 watts of solar energy absorbed per square meter of surface zachernnnoy (much larger than in real life!). Per hectare then have 1000000 watts. Daylight let five hours.

energy = 100 watt seconds * 3600 * 5h * 10000 m2 = 1.8 *1010 joules = 18 000 000 000 joules.

This energy is enough to melt the ice of 8 tons, or almost remove snow from a given area. The next day, warm it, and on the third day to start planting.

 Per kilometer of land (plowing) the result should be increased a hundredfold. As if the powerful thermal power plants installed on every kilometer of the surface (100 million watts - this is no joke!). This is comparable to nuclear energy. And after all what simplicity and what meager spending! A child can handle the huge flow of energy! No radiation, no emissions, no complicated equipment. We started strong! But that's smarter than  ...

 Blackened ice melting in the sun with a large (10-20) degrees cold temperatures - are watching us all the time thing. Tracks, sand, ash, zhuzhelkoy rid of the snow on their own without clearing - it would be the sun.

Icicles grow it in freezing but sunny weather, because the roof is heated so that in the frost melts on it, as the oil in a frying pan, ice.

 Enough blow to the carriageway, pavement, runway soot, black paint (printer, for example), and a day in the sun is completely melted.

 And if there is no sun, then a couple of days. Because ambient light streaming through the clouds - it is also the energy, and it is absorbed only where there is a material that can absorb it.

 Avalanche areas in the mountains you can unload their melting, not rasstrelivaniem cannons. Spraying soot (or spatter solution with carbon black, which seems the best) from a helicopter at these sites, you can achieve melting in the shortest possible time.

 Glaciers covering such a solution (thin layer!) Allow any predetermined intensity to ensure melting, for example, that a drought may be the only way to provide water to the population (or power).

Icebergs as impair navigation since the "Titanic", and continue to annoy captains unexpected appearance. It seems that in this age of determining the position with the most modern facilities should not be a collision with an iceberg. But they are! Having identified the icebergs and accelerating its melting coating that absorbs solar energy, you can greatly accelerate their melting. They still melt and expedite the process, we do not affect the environment, but only reduce the risk of them. It is best to just "mark" in Greenland or Antarctica.

 If soot absorbs so well, as it is sometimes not necessary, it is possible to use other colors, other colors. Wonderfully may look blue mountain on the blue background of the sky, or red, or green, or even surreal shades. While not banned - it is allowed. And how well will look like advertising on a white veil of January!

 In addition to soot, which is probably a fantastically expensive (?), You can use sand, black soil, and dust from construction works.

To melt ice and covering at night absorbing layer covering the new thin crust of ice up to a certain limit has changed little energy absorption. After the ice is transparent! A thin layer of even improve the process - will be less heat transfer from the dye in the air, more will go on to melt the lower layers.

 Great Northern way, the dream of passing for one navigation ... The dream was fulfilled, though, but somehow shaky, unstable, insecure ... You can certainly go through. But you can not pass. Or pass, but very bad. If sprayed on the road a good energy-absorbing material, the required pass necessary and planned. Not even complete melting, and much ice will weaken huge profits, make sure and swimming, we can say arrogant. And given that the Arctic Circle in the summer sun is shining day, the effect will be stunning.

Nice oasis in the desert! Water, cool, white houses. Oases of the Arctic Circle - it is warm. On the platform, covered with energy-absorbing material, the snow melts, it will create a microclimate. Would get rid of the wind, to find natural or create artificial wind protection. ...

A month, a week before the others grow flowers, tomatoes, cucumbers - and then profit palpable labor rewarded handsomely. While in the north all year fantastic price, then they are in the Ukraine for the holidays. In celebration we have to somehow buy flowers and vitamins (at other times not). To grow a product, you must raise the temperature, creating a microclimate. Meter well blackened surface per day absorbs more energy than the iron in an hour or two of work. Turn the greenhouse in a greenhouse, to save energy, use solar energy for a song.

Substances used to increase the absorption will not affect the environment. First, because it uses a small amount. Second, in the atmosphere of their factories so huge number. Third, these substances can be selected for their environmental qualities. Fourthly, the volcano, for example, asks us whether we want or not pollute ash thousands of miles.So, no matter what experience raised by to check.

He took a spray of 1-2 liters, for example, such as is used to moisten the clothes when ironing.

He filled it with water to three-quarters, and then, little by little, add the ink for the printer as long as it would not suit a radical black.

Then he would go out in the freezing dead of night and sprayed a snow cover (at night because it is shameful to engage in childish - so clearly, that should work.)

And then a day or two would watch with great satisfaction the rapid melting of snow caps.

And thought to the substances that reflect light better ice, because when it is very hot in summer, so want to chill ...


We can provide rapid melting of snow in any place, whether it's a mountain slope, road or suburban area.

We can provide an increased intake of solar energy anywhere, can create a climate in a given area. Power stations, recycling heat from the sun, should be the blackened areas where not only the direct sunlight falling on the converter goes to energy, but the scattering of light and the heated air from the blackened soil contribute to energy exchange.