Simple energy converter currents, tides and wind

on 08 September 2012.


At the dawn of the shipping company knew only one propeller - a wheel with blades. Then came the screw. It has high efficiency, it is more efficient.

 The widespread use of the screw to have disposed of the wheel. Paddleboats (court) can be found except in exotic countries. Perhaps because of the court with a small draft can pass over shoals, and only wheel with blades can provide it. Perhaps because the algae and branches, twisting the screw, hopelessly spoiled him and his engine.

 The author offers a topic:

 Paddlewheel as an engine and a receiving mechanism of currents and tides today preferable screw.



1. - The wheel with the valve. 2 - blades. 3. - Gearbox and generator.

What are the benefits?

 Wheel axle is above the water level. This allows you to easily serve themselves blades and generator, and the line of the shaft. No need for diving operations.

 There are no strict requirements for tightness. Clearly, the time and the shaft, and the generator and gearbox are in the air, there is no need to maintain strict integrity.

 Unlimited opportunity to increase the area of ​​the blades. And it means and power plant.

 The possibility to increase the area of ​​the blades as in depth, and breadth.

 The ability to place in shallow water.

 Opportunity to raise all the paddle wheel from the water for maintenance or replacement. And all this - at any time. Even on the move and without braking - two jacks on both sides at any mass (up to a thousand tons!).The possibility of replacing the blades more efficient, with the other, more successful profile. Here's where to find and improve!

 The possibility of permanent visual and instrument control and adjustment.

 Ability to adjust the power raising and lowering the wheels.

 The possibility of placing the top of the wheel in a closed space, which eliminates the bad weather and improve service.


 Sad to see, both in the UK and New York are building tidal stations fan (screw) type. Failure and failure is so natural that the excruciatingly painful for the money spent. The utter impotence of the smallest in the case of accident or breakdown ... confusion, depression inability to intervene in the process, to change something, fix, look at least, that there is, in this muddy water. Shame and despair ...

See the face of the chief designer and organizer was true torture. Money given for their program, but the program itself completely discredit.

And it is their fault! The project is weak! Technical performance - for provocative ideas, broken as a pattern. Someone reported that you should not do it! Therefore the oil price will rise!

Not to be treated lightly by paddle wheels. Once the steam engine with an efficiency of 5% changed civilization. Incandescent and now (in the 21 century!) Have a coefficient of performance, but they are used paovsemestno.

Yes - paddle wheel can take energy less efficiently than the screw. But its low efficiency offset the enormous reliability and simplicity. Wheel allows NOW to take energy cost-effectively.

And in any quantity! And at the lowest efficiency! (Then to perfection, then!)

And everywhere: on the small rivers, streams, the tides, the waterfalls ....

Yes, even in the wind!

Enough to create asymmetry blowing the top and bottom as you would with water. Only in the case will have to put up with the wind to blow, only the upper part and the lower placed in a hole or create a room around it (the fence) that will keep blowing. Hard to imagine how big the blades then we can set: one hundred square feet, a thousand, a square kilometer? And the system can be split into arbitrarily small pieces. Do not need one of the main line of the shaft, let it be one hundred separate shafts! Do not need a big generator! Let it be ten! A screw - do not know when, how and with what expenditure.

Very easy to wheel - it's a brilliant thing.

 Our ancestors knew what they were doing!