Neutralization acceleration

on 06 September 2012.

(On the theoretical possibility of reducing the deformation of bodies under the influence of acceleration of different nature).

   Perhaps this accelerated motion, in which the deformation of the body is reduced. The condition for this, the imposition of high-frequency mechanical vibrations on the body.
    There are limits to the human body, which now dictate the development of technology, and, perhaps, of the entire civilization. This ability to be without food or water, no society, no oxygen. And one of the hard limits - is the maximum tolerable acceleration. If an untrained person will take 3 ... 5 terrestrial acceleration (3 ... 5 g), the well-trained - 10 g. That's it. Further growth acceleration leads to the destruction of the body.
    Increase portable acceleration in space and aviation - fuel economy and increased maneuverability in transport - is security.
   Thus, there is an unsolved problem: to move with acceleration, which today can provide the technology, but without imposing any harmful effects to the body. State the problem more clearly: it is necessary to find or create the conditions that would allow a person to be a long time in high-speed (say, 100g) without harmful effects to the body.

The author moves on the steps of the knowledge.

How does the physical body to gravity?
     Each and every individual atoms of the body simultaneously and with the same acceleration. The sharp change in gravity will cause the change of acceleration for all the material components of the body, and this change will propagate with the speed of light.
     How the inertial acceleration of the body?
    Only the nearest to a support surface, the change of acceleration at the speed of sound.
    Huge difference! For all the atoms of the body - gravity, the layer of atoms - inertia.

The change at the speed of light - gravity, changing at the speed of sound - inertia.
    If it were possible to distribute the inertial acceleration, as well as gravity, over all the atoms of the body, it would be possible to fly to the moon from the gun (not experiencing any acceleration).
     Cycle through the effects that we have in our arsenal.
     Magnetic field. Living organisms are not ferromagnetic. But it is now ferromagnets show us the complete solution of the problem, that is, the ability to move to any achievable acceleration without any kind of destruction of the body. Experience: ferromagnet flying at high speed and enters the solenoid, which (when all the ferromagnet in the solenoid) is energized. The inhibition, and to an outside observer is the acceleration (say, 1000 g), but for a ferromagnet acceleration is zero, because all the points on the body with severely hindered identical acceleration and the deformation of the body, the distance between any two points on the body remain constant. The body remains in a state of weightlessness, while the outside observer said that the acceleration is such that the tensile strength of crossed! Two ferromagnetic body associated measuring device (spring) will not change the distance between each other (the instrument will show a zero offset). Magnetostriction shows acceleration in the tens of thousands of earth without destroying the structure of the body.
    Electric field. The same conclusion, but until the effect is demonstrated only for very small bodies, but the acceleration reach such fantastic values ​​that only electric fields and possibly get. For living organisms use the electric field while problematic. Piezoelectric crystal in an alternating voltage has the same huge acceleration as magnetostriction. And with the same dramatic effect. 
    .Ionizing radiation (alpha, beta, gamma rays). Quite impossible to imagine for a living organism to use this type of impact, and for any solid radiation intensity should reach such quantities that there is simply not realistic.
    Electric current through the body, to which also cast a powerful magnetic field. The author's opinion - is not very promising. Although the study would cost to produce, at least in order to protect the very important components in the construction.
    Electromagnetic field. Forces are weak, the use of living organisms is unrealistic, and for all bodies (conductors or not) use is problematic and obviously will not be successful.
      Pressure wave. Here the author sees the possibility of success, and the ability to analyze here are endless.
     Thus experience: body moved uniformly and straight, but suddenly there was acceleration (there was a strike), this acceleration (pressure) waves propagate through the body (the speed of sound), but before he could reach the boundary of the body, the kick is retaken (preferably in same direction). That is, at this point in the body, there are two waves of pressure, two equally traveling waves, the distance between them does not change! The speed of sound in the body and the length of the body will make a big difference.
The conclusion:
-In short, sharp shock pulse is transmitted only a small part of the body, therefore, the transfer of momentum, for example, a particle massive body can not obey the law of conservation of momentum for the body as a monolith (when struck in the spring of this is particularly evident).
In the body, with a very low speed of sound can invest thousands of pulses (rubber, spring). Then in the body will be at a given time many waves, each of which transmits its momentum to the body, but the combination of which allows the body to move so that the distance between the slices of the body does not change.
Let us digress. There is evidence that the faster and shorter burst of speed, the better the body will take it. More clearly: short and sharp impact (even up to 100 g or more), the body will take the easier, less time than it lasted. This is a big hope.
Imagine engine thrust, which varies with the frequency specified by us, and such that during the time of the first pulse to the end of the body followed by a few pulses. The body is now in several waves, each of which moves at the speed of sound, and each of which pulls the body in the direction of its motion. So we have a few slices of the body, the distance between them does not change (more than them, so, of course, better.) If the distance does not change, then these sections are (relative only to each other) in a state of uniform rectilinear motion (that is, the deformation-free state).
So, in order to involve the maximum number of atoms in the body to speed up the process of deformation-free is preferable to use the impulse thrust, and 100% is possible only with the involvement of an infinitely high frequency pulses.Antiperegruzochnoe known device, which is a container of water in which the organism. This allows a very good pressure distribution over the area, but would involve a device at least one percent of body weight acceleration? No! But it allows the device to mitigate the consequences of acceleration? Yes!
Let's analyze the following experiment.
Ultrasound are working on the body, partially permeable wave. Get an ultrasound scan. So are all of ultrasonic devices in medicine. That is part of the energy is absorbed, some reflected on some of the internal organs.
If you send a beam of ultrasound on the small ship, he begins to move (this is total reflection), and no worse than a screw.
But total reflection - is the work plane, it only simulates antiperegruzochnoe device, but the entire amount is not working. In order to achieve the involvement of at least part of the process is necessary to achieve the beam passing through the body, and this will cause a number of undesirable effects: heat, uneven pressure on various organs, tissue destruction. On the one hand the need for maximum possible frequency and signal strength, on the other hand high frequency and signal damage in the body. The author sees a way to initiate the body of low frequency waves are commensurate with the size of the body, say, the wavelength should be 0.1 ... 0.01 characteristic dimension in the direction of acceleration. It allows to increase the signal strength without damaging consequences. Accepted norms of ultrasound on muscle and bone tissue, health nevredyaschie used for therapeutic purposes - to 2 W/cm2, for diagnostic purposes - to 0.1 W/cm2. The frequencies used in medicine, about megahertz. Given that the effects of ultrasonic vibrations will last a short time: the time of acceleration, emergency braking or an impact, then we can conclude that much harm to the health impact of this will not even amount total input power of the order of 1-10 kW. Taking the average area of ​​impact of 0.5 m2 (5000 cm2) per centimeter then have 0.2 ... 2 watts. When the speed of sound in the body of 1500 m / s, and the characteristic size of 0.3 m (back - chest) fit one wave at a frequency 5000 Hz, ten waves of 000 Hz-50, one hundred waves-500 000 Hz. No problem getting those frequencies at these facilities for modern technology not.
Particle in a rapidly oscillating inhomogeneous field - this task belongs to one of the basic models in vibration mechanics. Obtained conclusions, which, according to the author, give very high hopes for resolving the issue of the possibility of deformation-free acceleration..
Particle in such a field is always shifting, drifting to the minimum point of the field, to the nodes as some quasi stable states. Of course, the presence of an external force (gravity acceleration) provisions quasi particles may move, change your character, and even completely disappear. Established pattern in these cases is seen only as a trend (1).
The important thing is that there are some provisions to which the particles are attracted to the field, it is important that these regulations are many and it is important that the acceleration or gravity may shift, but not completely eliminate these provisions, if the field is sufficiently intense.
You can go to the issue only from the pressure of ultrasound, which is now distributed not only on the surface, and in terms of the body, that is, involves the whole body in the acceleration process. This way is much closer to a solution, but, in the opinion of the author, he does not reveal so clearly and beautifully mechanism maintaining the shape of the body under the influence of the acceleration mechanism does not explain the possibility of deformation-free movement.
Experiments to confirm the effects:
Pendulum clock on a vibrating base always in a hurry, as if there are additional spring stiffness (this is a fact.)
If the cargo is hanging on a spring oscillates with its own frequency, feeding the natural frequency of vibration increases, as increased spring rate. For a body in an oscillating field is equivalent desire to maintain the distance between the two points, that is, the transition to a deformation-free movement. You can gently stretch the spring to get to the other at least, you can gently squeeze it and get to the next low oscillations, and the spring will keep these new provisions. The same result can be obtained by changing the frequency of the oscillations at a specific, constant force.
Weighing dynamometer in vibration will obviously incorrect result (this is fact).
If you put weight on a vibrating spring, the spring compression is less than the vibration-free (this is a fact.)
So, I repeat: it is possible to organize such a rapid movement of the body, in which the distance between any two points of the body will not change or be changed less than in normal conditions. This condition - the imposition of an oscillating field on the body. The field should be intense enough to external acceleration shift the attraction of particles to the sites of the body components of the oscillations. Ie acceleration oscillations should substantially exceed the external acceleration..
Imposition on the body of the oscillating field is equivalent to the result of an increase in the rigidity of the body, ie, displacement of particles in such a field, when exposed to an external force will be less than without it.
Installation is as follows: the body is placed in a bath of water or other liquid, highly conducting ultrasound. On the part of the alleged effects of acceleration on the body with a piezo or magnetostrictive ultrasonic radiation emitters directed acceptable frequency. Radiation is partially reflected and partially penetrates into the body, causing these effects. The possibility of such a radiation absorbed by the body in a healthy long-term practice proven on millions of people, though, when exposed to a small part of the body, joints, muscles, bones, and calluses, skin diseases.
Thus, it is already possible to organize such a movement of the body to the acceleration (or being in a gravitational field), at which the deformation of the body tends to a minimum. Portable speed will increase to reach new frontiers in space, raise the safety and open up new horizons in research.

1. Blekhman I. What vibration? - Moscow: Nauka, 1988, 208 pp.

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