On the nature of gravity

on 28 August 2012.

On the nature of gravity)

    Atom has energy levels, which are electrons. In the normal state, the number of electrons is equal to the number of protons of the nucleus, the atom is electrically neutral. Meanwhile it is known that atoms and molecules interact with each other, that there is a repulsive force, and gravity.
     We know that if the atom absorbs some energy, the quantum of electromagnetic radiation, the electron will move to another energy level. Outer diameter of the atom increases (change properties! Prokhorov and Basov sorted excited and unexcited atoms to create maser!). Conversely, an excited electron, wants to get rid of energy and move to a lower altitude. Energy levels at which it can jump from emission or absorption, calculated theoretically, practically measured, the results support the theory

If it is possible to change the energy levels, and the opportunity, as we can see, there is!, Then, consequently, to change, and the gravitational interaction between the atoms.
     It is known that the strength of interaction of atoms and molecules always represent a long distance gravity. Only a decrease in the distance between the atoms to a minimum when starting deformation of electron shells, turning them into forces of repulsion. Amendments van der Waals forces, taking into account the size and the interaction of molecules have refined gas laws. However, these amendments is only an approximation, simplification of real interactions, rather than a way to predict new phenomena.
      Perhaps only the Dirac gave way to explain the mechanism of attraction between the atoms and molecules. They put forward the hypothesis of a negative vacuum energy brilliantly predicted the discovery of the positron. Vacuum pressure would explain the attraction of atoms and shorter lifetime of the electron in the upper energy levels of the excited atoms in comparison with the lower. Unfortunately, the hypothesis is not developed, modern ideas ascribed zero vacuum energy. One of the most powerful arguments against his hypothesis was the discovery of many antiparticles vacuum would have to assign a negative infinite and endless positive energy (since these particles are produced from it).
    But this addition to his theory, not denying it! If the field of the electrons and nuclei at least to some extent subject to the law of superposition, the space is really filled with positive and negative energy. According to the author, the sum of positive and negative energy does not mean as a result of lack of energy, and hence it is the presence of two energy levels.
     The gravitational interaction between microbodies so small that no matter how reliable data on whether it today, probably not. To get any effect, register it with the instruments necessary to manipulate the macroscopic body. On the other hand, macroscopic body to reveal the emergence mikrorasstoyaniyah (vozrastanie!) other forces that are not described by the formulas of gravity on makrorasstoyaniyah.
     Must prove (should I?) Superposition of the fields (the basic principle!): Neutralization of one of the charges of the time after which the device registers the appearance of a field of another charge will be the name of the time-of-charge neutralized. Then the inevitable conclusion that Dirac was right at 50% (after all, a genius is never wrong by 100%!), And the space is filled with both negative and positive energy.
     Change levels, as we have seen in the experiments R. Wood, and can not charging material, and pressing his gas, for example. Experiments such nobody spent, yet they are of considerable interest.
    If, indeed, the compressed gas will interact with the earth in a different way, the satellites are in orbit, it will be possible to organize a change in the strength of interaction with the Earth at selected points (apogee, perigee), which will provide traffic on unwinding orbit.
    Unfortunately, to this effect, if any, will be imposed another effect - changing the geometric dimensions taken gas mass will be followed by the change of the resultant force of interaction with the Earth. The fact that the volume occupied by the gas is not the point, and the force of interaction of each molecule with the Earth is directed radially towards the center of the Earth, so the forces that act on the extreme of the molecule will not parallel to each other. You may need to vector and not an algebraic combination of forces, and the sum of all the elementary forces will be smaller, the more geometrical dimensions of gas.
    When there is a change of energy levels?
    In collisions of atoms or molecules must be crushing their shells, therefore, can be achieved by increasing the temperature level changes.
   It is known that the magnetic field influence them. These effects are well understood, used, the trouble is that the magnitude of these effects in our fields is negligible. In addition, and a manifestation of the effects (split levels) may slightly affect the interaction of bodies.
    The electric field also affects the energy levels. And, again, the magnitude of these effects is small. More precisely, we can not create a field equal to the fields in the atom, to achieve a significant effect. However, atoms, joining with another atom, creating a molecule changes its range so as ever we can not get him to do it in the laboratory. Entering into a bond, two substances will create a fundamentally different energy levels. Moreover, even if the atom is somewhere near the molecule dipole is similar.
    The interaction forces between molecules depend on the specific molecular structure. For non-spherical molecules, these forces will depend on the relative positions of the molecules. If the molecules are dipoles clear, then it is possible to organize an external electric field is the location, where their fields are summed, and the forces of interaction, therefore, change.
     There are a number of substances with anomalous properties (eg, Rochelle salt, barium titanate, etc.), which allows to register an interesting effect. We can not create a field equal to the fields in the atom? Near such substances as possible! In the immediate vicinity of the electric domains physical and chemical processes can be distorted beyond recognition.
    According to the author, the substances with abnormal electrical properties should be catalysts for certain chemical reactions.
    Measurements related to gravity, produce in strict isolation from the influence of any interference and fields. The better the insulation, the more accurateresults. Take into account the effect of an electric or magnetic field is problematic.
      The author also proposes a series of measurements is under the influence of the fields, and besides, still and heavy-duty. The stronger the field will be, the stronger will be distorted by the energy levels of atoms, the greater the effect will be able to register.
     There is no doubt that, for example, electrically charged pendulum change the frequency of its vibrations. The reason for that is the polarization of the surrounding objects and interaction of the charge of the pendulum with those induced charge. No matter how precisely to take into account whether this interaction is now not possible. Paradoxical situation: there is an effect (and, undeniable), it can be registered, to measure, but make a record of all the factors no one can. The effect will depend on (literally!) on the weather: the dielectric properties of the air depends on the humidity and pressure.
      There is no doubt that any charged or polarized body orderly change interaction with the Earth or any other (charged or not - care) object. This will come at the expense of guidance (induction) charges into the ground or an object and the interaction of the body with these charges or induced dipoles. In a static or changing a low speed is always a process to increase the attraction of bodies!
And the same applies to magnetic fields.
     Putting forward hypotheses and assumptions, based solely on them, very easy to make a mistake once, and wander into a dead end. Need to find certain things that would confirm fidelity to the chosen path. No matter if the interpretation of facts is different from common, it is important that the path of logical constructs was confirmed by accurate, proven, reference data. This will privyazochnye moments, stages between the free flight of fantasy and reality.
    The author considers the proof of the hypothesis advanced by them to the emergence of attractive forces between the dipoles and the substance (ie, purely electric power neutral bodies create the effect of gravity) and the effect of the electrons flowing between two dissimilar metals, which leads to the so-called contact potential difference. And have to spit on the atomic distances and measure the effect on the distance in centimeters or more.
     Let the two metals are heated to a temperature where clouds form around the emitted electrons. One of the metals, which work out more, will draw to itself the cloud of another metal. But this means that there is an interaction between the metals, it is still flowing to the electrons. And then, when some of the electrons will flow, there is a potential difference between the metals. (It may be called the compensation, because it compensates for the interaction of uncharged metal up to this point).
     Therefore it can be concluded force interaction between two samples that have not come into contact with and not emitting electrons. That is two dissimilar metals should be attracted to each other! Potential difference is small - 2.1 V (it is called the contact, but it does not mean that the two metals separated by an interval, such as a vacuum tube, no interaction), the forces are insignificant, but they can be measured and calculated. The need to heat the electrode to force electrons from a substance indicates only small forces are unable to snatch electrons, rather than the lack of them.
    Formulation of this experience is the author of the case. Lobe of one metal is placed on the torsion balance. Libra strictly electrically isolated. By petal tray of samples of different metals (approximation of samples should be done in terms of electrical insulation), and record the deviation. Preferably experience in a vacuum to eliminate the polarization of the medium.
(There are similar experiments, carried out in, for example, Casimir, and even appropriated the name of this effect, although it is unfair: the attraction of various bodies was discovered before him and on the bodies of various shapes and effects to accurately measure (see, eg, Van der Waals force on the Internet).)
     If the interaction of the metal, the inevitable conclusion that there are other substances, especially the "loving" each other (and no one argues this is a long zifiksirovano! But such trifling distance - mics ...). Chemical agents that are not in free form in nature, should be particularly good "feel" each other, attract, seek a connection, even if they are separated or screens. For example, on one hand, sodium, potassium, calcium, and other fluorine, chlorine, iodine. (And this is no one-size!). Interference external, "empty" levels should extend, as we have seen in the rarefied gas over long distances. The reaction between these substances, expressed in mutual attraction, perhaps, is one of the ways to detect mineral deposits.this field (its small fluctuations) signal through the earth, the stars, billions of light years. Can be permanent magnets, but you can from varying fields. If a transformer in which the core is represented as 'sh', to create two opposing magnetic flux from the two coils, you get a "zero" field. His research on a variety of bodies and distances would be very interesting.
    Moreover, the transfer will be done in two ways: a) the weakening or strengthening of the two opposing fields b) the weakening or strengthening of one of the opposing fields - that will drive forward the new "zero" point, for now, in a different location in space formed equality of two fields, the "zero" field from these sources. Take, the signal appears to be the same system.
       And if you take the two spatially separated transmitter operating on the same frequency (the best, of course, working on a generator), you can create a huge area of ​​"zero" fields - for the interference of the waves will inevitably give rise to a gain zone and the zone of mutual extinction signals.
    None of these fields can not fix! Two radars can irradiate the "zero" goal area, but the most sensitive instruments for the purpose of the locks! But it happens a scattering of waves, and the third (receiving) radar clearly see on the screen a flying target. And the operator decides.
         Invisible planes, you say? He! Or struggle with direction finders? A radar invisible? And the invisible missiles?
        A "black light"? The interference of light from two sources, as you recall, is the bands: a bright band - is the addition of vibrations, a dark band - mutual destruction (?) Oscillations. Highlighting dark band may be directed light (!) Invisible rays at an object that has no idea that he was under surveillance, because solar cells are silent! Two antiphase signals give zero displacement of electrons! But just at the point where they are out of phase. Stand back further, closer to the side and appliances vzvoyut! But very low frequency vibrations of the world ... it is unclear ... Hundreds of millions of Hertz, radar, and other rubbish, creating a "zero" zone in meters, tens of meters, a hundred - it's real.
     Opposite signals give great unknown now, amazing finds!
    So it was not the destruction of fields, but only their equality, but differing vectors! Here's to you, dear Paul Dirac, and St. George's Day ... Dirac sea - it is not a sea of ​​negative energy, and the sea of ​​energy in general, both positive and negative. And God knows what ... The energy is indestructible!
       But then the constant fields promises an interesting find!
   Some materials tend to finish the last level of the electron filling, others do not mind to lose one or two electrons. As their interaction begins well before they come closer to the coverage zone of the reaction. Empty, unoccupied energy levels reflect the state of the atoms of the host, these levels perehlestnutsya over thousands, millions, billions of times greater than the reaction zone.
     Almost all substances have a specific condition of the possibility of the reaction. The temperature and pressure - are the main factors. Therefore it is clear that during the control experiments on the interaction of substances, they should be activated for the reaction condition.
     No one was amazed that neutral substance (magnets) can communicate over long distances. But this is the same interaction of neutral atoms, but to break out of our microcosm macrocosm. But after all the magnets are not only "favorite" material (ferromagnetic and paramagnetic), but the "unloved" (diamagnetics). One can assume that something similar appears in the interaction, not only by the magnetic field, and the energy levels of atoms: some substances may not only attract, but repel each other (on this, the experimental distance).
    So is it possible to influence the energy levels, if the substance is subjected to pressure, to influence it the fields of other atoms or molecules, forced to join the bond and influence external electric or magnetic fields, change the temperature influence "zero" fields, artificially created.
        If gravity changes its law on approach to the bodies at the subatomic distances, do not worry about it. Albeit far from the facility will be and the radius to the power of the force of gravity depend on, let even closer - the radius of the seventh degree. Here's the rub! At distances 10-13 cm, these forces do become nuclear monsters! And it's a fact! If we can manage this process - that it will be a success!
    The interaction of bodies through unoccupied energy levels of atoms ("zero" fields) seems interesting and promising to investigate further. If this really is gravity, then something might change in our view of the world.