Electric adsorption - energy of the atmosphere.

on 26 August 2012.

Electric adsorption - energy of the atmosphere.

It is known that in the gas phase to the solid surface is formed a thin layer of condensed gas.

Around the charged conductors also formed gas cushion.

Atmospheric gases (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) in the electric field polarized and are drawn to the area of ​​the field with a large gradient.

Once widely used for making gunpowder kizilevy coal being pulverized into a powder, often itself flammable. The reason here is that the adsorption of carbon oxygen molecular forces of attraction does work. At the same time there is a change of potential energy to kinetic molecular energy, which is accompanied by fever.


This is called the heat of adsorption. And it is quite large: it is a few thousand calories per mole of adsorbed gas. This heat is dependent on the dielectric properties of the gas.

Now imagine that we are adsorbed gas of electrically charged conductors, located a short distance from each other. The voltage difference on the conductors on the verge of breakdown of the air, the distance - about a millimeter. Adsorbed gas is hot and give off heat, or what element (radiator coolant - does not matter). And even if the atmospheric gas molecules and does not constitute a clear dipole, but in the electric field of conductors it neremenno polarized and drawn into the region of maximum field (between conductors).

Now, this pillow is no longer of interest, it must be reset and replaced by another. You can take the pressure off from the conductors and wait pillow resolve, and then again energized. But absorbable pillow will not only take heat from the surrounding air, but also on the radiator, which is not good. (Although sometimes the cold air is very necessary). You can bring this analogy: in the refrigerator evaporator skondensirvalas and frozen moisture in the air, thus giving a great deal of heat. If we now turn off the refrigerator and opened the door, the melting ice will take heat and cool the air and the system.

You can flip the pillow mechanically.

You can use electroadsorp pump (see art. "Elektroadsorbtsiya - gas pump"). And this, in my opinion, the best option

Different gases are absorbed differently. For example, charcoal absorbs 90 boxen! of ammonia, 55 volumes of hydrogen sulfide? and only 9 volumes of oxygen. But once the coal is hot and flushed (and the air is nitrogen and oxygen), the oxygen just pulled.

Hence the conclusion: Made elektroadsorbtsii best-absorbing gases, but then close the system. That is to use gas enters the container in which the exchange energy, for example, with the atmosphere, and then again applied to elektroadsorber, gives the stored energy (or rather the part of it that we can pick up), again removed the heat exchanger, etc.

The system begins to resemble a refrigerator, or more precisely, to the heat pump. Atmosphere is used as an energy supplier. Elektroadsorber used as a pump. Atmosphere is used to reset the cold (unless, of course, the cold is not interesting to us today).

Of course, stocks of atmospheric heat is enormous. Of course, to snatch even a percentage of it - the problem is incredibly important. What is a plain proof can result in favor of the possibility of extracting energy from the atmosphere? Initial heating of a charged body in the atmosphere. Indirect evidence: spontaneous heating of coal is boxwood. Nachapny heating - because after the formation of the gas cushion, preventing access to the fresh gas, heating stops. And at the equator, and in the middle lane, and at the pole has an atmosphere. Consequently, the atmospheric heat can be removed everywhere.

So. Charged body in amosfere will attract the charges and dipoles (gas molecules) and heated. Dipoles will attract the best closer in the Explorer and allocate more energy. Then, with the rise of the adsorption pillows and thus neutralize the field, the heating stops. To resume the heating should regularly delete adhering cushion adsorbed gases.

     And in a gravitational field is to happen! Let gravikontsentrat formed somewhere. Clung to him all conceivable components of air! And increased concentration compared with the environment. And all this heated cushion. (And we select our heat the milk from the cow!). But now is not on the electrical properties they will take place, and in the mass - the heavier, the closer to the concentrate.

       And in a strong magnetic field is going to happen. Only now are not on mass or electrical properties of all molecules will be built, and on magnetic. And if you speculate about modern magnets of the fields that can be created without wasting energy, or those fields that are worth wasting your energy if you have a decent power output, then ...

Then it is necessary to milk this atmosphere like mad cow.! ...

Well, we wish success naturalists.

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