on 24 August 2012.






There are some oddities in the development of man, with the expected mismatch, with forecasts.


We see the future of Homo sapiens harmonious, intelligent, with good health, the tremendous growth, similar to the ancient god.


Nearly thirty thousand years ago, a man was formed, its appearance and mental capacity is unlikely to significantly different from today.


If we assume a generation of about thirty years, it is only one thousand ancestors ago.


Sixty-seven ancestors before Christ.


Fifty ancestors before Mohammed.


Eighty-six ancestors before Buddha.


There are a nation that encourages early marriages. They were more evolutionary path. And these ethnic groups (tribes, nations, communities) can show us what we will be.


If you are genetically programmed to develop species homo sapiens, the answer is already available, you can find out what physical parameters of the most susceptible to change, you can see the direction of the actual, rather than assumed.


Habitat has an enormous influence on the selection. But the overriding factor one (frost, heat, food) will not change the general direction. This factor will be considered in the selection of survival, but will not change the overall direction of evolution.


Perhaps some disdain we feel for the technically backward communities. And they multiply uncontrollably, and mortality is huge, and the education system and the transfer of knowledge from them at the Stone Age.


But it's just a matter of organization, traditions, in many religions. All of this external, superficial, Repairable. They have come a long way, a greater number of generations, a larger number of victims (the selection of evolution), a greater number of influencing factors. That is, the selection they came from a large representative community very hard, merciless andirrevocably.


And, fortunately, not us.


Once in Sparta also make the selection, but their criteria, based on their understanding. And got morons. If zapokovana in our chromosomes formula development, it will show itself without us, without our violent impact.


Those who tried to make a selection is artificial, we destroy ourselves.


We're locked in a box apartments, to protect from the wind and cold clothes, defended antibiotics from microorganisms, have fled from nature in the city. We have long ruled the vast number of selection factors.


We won!


We lost!


The brain is a native of the Lost Tribe is no different from the brain of a member of the Academy of Sciences (and perhaps superior). How true, someone noticed, nature has given man a tool whose capabilities far exceed the necessities of life.


In the analysis to eliminate the influence of lifestyle on physiological parameters. And this, of course, very, very difficult. Physical development is certainly a member of the Maasai will surpass development Eskimo. The effect on the phenotype of different environmental factors may be considered as a way of development, but it is not so. Oh, probably a member of the royal family, and feed and reproduce (until he has a venereal disease!) Better than others.


Therefore, it is necessary to compare the tribes living in different places, a tradition of early marriage is bad enough assimilating living geographically distant from the others.


International marriages are known to dramatically improve the breed. But then again this is not the way of development.


We are interested in the changes that reliably traced and the Masai and Inuit. And we, by the way, too, but to a lesser degree. These changes can be traced to the growingin subsequent generations.


Deliberately put aside for analysis kostnomyshechny apparatus - the muscles that can be acquired, and where the muscles and bones there.


The more restrictions we impose, the clearer it becomes the answer.


First of all, the members of these tribes strikes amazing endurance, the ability to endure long load (running, hunting, performance of work).


Then observed by all researchers surprisingly low consumption of food (but generally, a variety of it.)


Consequently, the internal organs have a much better than ours.


Always mention the fantastic sensitivity, sense of smell, the ability to anticipate events.


With some degree of ridicule talk about touching the infinite kindness and trust, not just used by aliens and not always for the good of this tribe (not always for the good.)


The ability to endure pain, patient, amazing vitality samozazhivlyaemost light wounds, resistance.


The extraordinary vitality, mobility, nesidenie in place, permanent employment some business.


Fun-loving, fun, desire and ability to laugh, humor.


Quick response, intelligence, vitality and ability to find a way out of the most difficult situations.


Curiosity, popping the nose where it is necessary and do not, interesovanie all unusual, unexpected, unusual (after all, beads and mirrors ...).


The amazing creativity, the ability to make a tool or crafts, toys, household utensils from the most unexpected materials in unexpected ways.


Restlessness, non-attachment to the place of residence,ease of throwing their habitats, the best place to search for life, a change in lifestyle (hunting here - there fishing).


Surprising immediacy, simplicity, not hiding their natural needs, trust, belief in any bike, openness.


Unacceptability of large communities, the lives of several large families, clans, tribes, feeling kinship, community, empathy, avoiding crowds.


We lost them! In all! They have talented, clever hands able to work, they are viable ... If indeed the genetic program is a program written in the program, not eminent ancestors, and their number will play a leading role. In the dirt and mud being rummaging above us on the path of development, more recent evolution path, protected from infection, from stress, from idleness and futility bessmylennyh reasoning.


And if in mixed marriages, as a rule, lead to the emergence of large, strong, aggressive animals, the evolutionary development of the structure of an organism develops, produces enduring, patient, sensitive individuals in all respects. And, it seems, with the loss of weight and growth indicators.


The impression is that these processes are generally mutually antithetical.


Or, they are complementary. That is, the early evolution of international marriages accelerate and do not contribute to the degeneration of closed communities.


In general, then, the prospects enticing. Promises to improve the way of evolution of the body and the senses. We will not be stronger and higher, we'll tougher and stronger. We will not be intellectually smart, we will be sensitive and intelligent. It seems that every person will be creative.


Just because now we are not.


Now we do not, and they used to ...


Master race!


But who knows, who knows ...


 At least, we are friendly, sometimes works, we create little, help each other, hamim and crawl to the cemetery. But the random combination of neurons in the brain, which is called genius, in a thousand years will be accepted. Thirty-three of the child.