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For any athlete the opening of a second wind is not the only way to achieve the record, but also some other way to achieve the standard of living. Records, as it turned out, are worth something.

     There are many facts which point to the need to increase physical activity of the body, in which (for some reason) there is no recycling of simple carbohydrates fats or proteins or recycling them is not enough.

There is a fairly large statistical life athletes. On the other hand there are statistics and regular medical research, people with diabetes. Comparison of these populations of people of great interest. The author considers the facts that are relevant to those individuals who did not use drugs (eg, insulin or saharoponizhayuschie tools for diabetics, or dope in athletes).

Studies of these populations conducted significant.

Sporting achievements are the problem and the state: it is the country's prestige and income to the treasury, and a considerable one. But more important than that of the fact that the number of people with diabetes in developed countries, more than the number of athletes. And it's not just that, of course, that the statistics in the developed countries, the mark, and that the food (food consumption) in these countries for a long time over energy to work.

The second stage of burning carbohydrates (non-digestion) is observed at the opening of a "second wind." This term, which was previously only used by athletes, can attract more attention. At the opening of the second wind is sufficiently intense burst of energy that the body can be attributed to a transition to a different source (or method) is a change of "burning" sources of energy, protein, fat and carbohydrates.

The author explains it.

 After burning the easiest to learn the fuel (glucose), the body is forced to switch to carbohydrates, fats and proteins.

 There are many examples of this process in action.

 Noted by many authors, that exercise in diabetes are desirable, are shown and recommended. The intensity of the maximum load is preferable (of course, the age and health).

 The psychological factor is dominant at times with the release of energy by the body, without any extensive training or restructuring it. According to the author, is to move to a different source of energy. Some martial arts bring this factor to mysticism, to the assertion that it is possible at some point when properly selected movements draw energy from space.

 It is proved that if you exercise changes the digestive process. Inhibition of gastric digestion occurs and the activation of the intestinal. Strikingly, when training (stress) produced 3-4 times a week for 2-3 weeks, these changes reliably stored for 2-3 months, then slowly returned to baseline.

The changes affect both motor function and secretory. Decreases the activity of gastric digestive enzymes, increased motility of the stomach, contributing to a rapid evacuation of food, changing the acidity of gastric juice. Conversely, increases the activity of intestinal proteolytic enzymes, increased bowel motility, activates blood circulation and speed the extraction of substances from food.

Proved that during exercise the muscles can absorb carbohydrates directly, not cleaved by enzymes to glucose. The mere fact of burning carbohydrates without insulin is remarkable. That is, the system begins to operate digestive muscle or muscle burning carbohydrates.

We also know that during fasting the body eats itself, learning its same proteins and fats, and without involvement of the stomach and intestinal system.

However, in the course of such burning may form substances whose presence in the body can cause poisoning him. In the recycling process, and can get their own cells. A running system (or process) is not very much and dismantle, can or can not destroy certain cells. Therefore, the processes that occur during starvation or extreme stresses are irreversible. The changes that occur in this case, usually negative. This means that some of the structure of the body, which was laid at his birth, and then a modified, can be damaged with no hope of recovery (sexual sphere lymphocytic system, especially the brain! Etc.). Therefore, the author is extremely negative attitude to rehabilitation system associated with starvation or shock exercise.

The interesting thing is that in the tissues of people with diabetes, sugar accumulates, especially in the skin. This is one of the reasons that wounds and ulcers heal such people is very bad - sugar is a good breeding ground for the reproduction of many species of microorganisms.

Organization of the transition to direct burning of carbohydrates occur or in a period of great physical activity, and then it will look like opening a second breath (when running, for example), or by some triggering factors - whether it is a psychological factor or specific exercise. Psychological factors can be so individual that no matter what that may be attempting to analyze and excretion of the formula to be used may fail. Starting psychological mechanism can work for some people and completely absent in others.

There are some facts that show us the transition from one type of food (energy) of the body to another.

Seen some mandatory for the exercises: you can not do strength exercises without first light load, you can not start without intensive training workouts, etc. There is a need of a sequence of exercise, you can not do certain exercises in a different order, except in the most preferred free functional disorders of the body. Firing exercises in karate, judo, wushu, ballet and so recognized. It is in this way should expect great finds.

A very big impression finds Kekchaeva KH, who found a few simple steps, the use of which triggers the general stimulation of the body. Studies have been done to them during World War II by order of war, repeatedly tested and used (VV Suvorov psychophysiology of stress, M, Pedagogy, 1975, p.50).

-After one minute to produce enough deep breaths, then reflexively activates the autonomic system of the entire body. This increases the functionality of the body. Anyone, even a purely psychological effect can be done then more accurately. (Of course, these exercises are designed by yogis thousands of years ago, but that does not detract from the work Kekchaeva, on the contrary - to issue scientifically proven methodology, then work on the body and in the mind, and not only through blind compliance with the requirements.)

-Rinse face with cold water for a few hours invigorate the body!

-Receive sweet (glucose or chocolate) produce similar invigorating effect! Incidentally, one of the factors of the body vzbadrivaniya American pilots called reception sweet and sour fruits (eg magnolia).

After the analysis of certain types of exercises, the author was lucky, as he believes, to make one such discovery.

Objectives were: to open a second wind in the race for a distance of 5 km, to reduce the time of transition to the second breath, make this moment managed.

Exercise, which opened a second wind, as follows.

When running in a time when almost all the glucose is consumed, which is reflected by some tingling in the liver, made several sharp jerks his hands, out of tune with the general rhythm of the race. Jerks should far exceed the speed overall rhythm running. Then there is the opening of a second wind for five to eight seconds.

The author explains it.

When running a measured transition to a second wind will be also measured. Slowly depleting resources faster movements in the body (glucose). When the alarm about the need for dramatic increases energy performance of the body (hands, sudden movement), the body almost immediately (by the standards body) moves to another power source to give yourself the possibility of a more or less adequate to the alleged deteriorating conditions in the future. Muscle cells and other organs begin to actively process carbohydrates (shown as proteins and fats).

This exercise is not only necessary for the opening of a second wind, but for the burning of glucose and carbohydrates in the body in diabetic syndromes.

There are people who for whatever reason do not burn sugars and carbohydrates in the body (assuming insulin deficiency). They may use these substances if they establish the shock body (almost instantaneous) load to be carried by more than currently. That is, the person with diabetes and do not use for any reason, or insulin saharoponizhayuschie matter (we can assume that he does not know he has the disease or has developed dramatically) one gets a full diabetic coma. This condition can result in death if not treated timely medical care.

Help people may have himself, having made active exercise the subsequent organization of the output of the body to another level of digestion. This next level is started by sharp movements in the rate, sharply different from the rate of implementation of the basic exercises.

It is important to control blood sugar levels, because you can get away from the hyperglycemic coma, when the level of sugar in the blood exceeds the standards acceptable to the body, but for the person who takes insulin or saharoponizhayuschie funds get hypoglycemic coma, that is, drop in blood sugar up unacceptable levels of the body.

Also, just like in sports, and in the course of normal life there are moments when a pressing need to speed up all processes, increase strength, alertness, endurance, the ability to process information. This is necessary not only to the single individual, but to society as a whole, the question becomes strategic when it comes to disability million lost days.

The use of exercise as a therapeutic factor in persons with diabetes are recognized as indispensable by leading experts in the world.

Possibility of forcing life processes, conscious translation of the body to another level of performance to address the extreme challenges the author also considered necessary.

At least two people close to a diabetic coma, this exercise has been tried, tested, and the results of experiments discussed long-term testing proved more resistant organism after these loads to diabetic shock.

A person living an inactive life, like a car running at idle. When such work is not involved in a car transmission, do not work all the systems provide, she is limited in features, such as ventilation, cooling, lubrication, etc.

And looks much sharper distinction between active and passive forms of life in humans. Active lifestyle involves thousands of systems, including the relationship between them, displays products of metabolism, dookislyaet neprogorevshie energy balances, the system starts the regeneration goes on tissue digestion and. etc.

With good nutrition and the presence of insulin deficiency the body will try to get rid of carbohydrates (sugar in the urine) or deposit it (high blood sugar in the tissues) to avoid adverse reactions.

How to shape the leaders of humanity, like bees produce the female from nondescript larvae? Typically, in this and in another case, this process is to enhance nutrition and education.

If the requirements are genetically programmed to have a million years ago, the people against their life, they begin to attack aterososudistye disease.

The man who at rates of the ancient world eats our time very well, not only is not inclined to engage in force to solve problems (for which he was given to quality food and not on us a certain law of selection), but also tries to deal with purely desk solution to any problem that is not requires even getting up from the chair. Not burning energy accumulates glycogen, fat, cholesterol, sugars, the body (outside the mind!) Comes to the conclusion that must be self-destruction. That is, the energy of life and are not claimed in this world, because stocks are not spent. This means that someone else was the leader, and the other in harmony and consumes energy loss. This active leader will live, because the internal harmony of systems and force him to spend and to offset the cost with a fairly large spread and condescension in an ad hoc (temporary) excess consumption rates and one-time impact. (Applied to a week is not, forcing the elk, but then maybe a week to feast after a successful hunt. Organism take it well).

Our rate of consumption exceeds our energy costs, our labor is not in line with our food.

And millions and thousands and hundreds of years ago, most people were living hand to mouth, consumption rates were several times lower than the current ones. But genetically these standards are approved.

It follows from this conclusion:

People are starving, but are forced to work hard, could not and can not survive for long, because such a power can be exercised only if the restriction of motor activity;

 People who consume high amounts of protein, carbohydrates, fats, but do not show their activity, sentenced cholesterol, diabetes, obesity, to a rather sudden death, usually from disease.

 Harmony in work and power is achieved sobriety. As soon as our food does not match the types of claims both in quality and quantity, it is better to make the choice yourself, than for us to do by nature.

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