Adsorption-electric gas pump

on 24 August 2012.


It is known that in the gas phase to the solid surface is formed a thin layer of condensed gas.
 Around the charged conductors also formed gas cushion.
 Atmospheric gases (mainly nitrogen and oxygen) in the electric field polarized and are drawn to the area of the field with a large gradient.
 Imagine such a design.A plurality of parallel conductors arranged in a row in the same plane. The distance between the wires about a millimeter. Conductors coated with a thin dielectric layer, preventing run off charges and breakdown.
Suppose that at some point in time on the first three of the conductor is energized, for example, such a polarity "" "-" "". Other conductors leave without stress. The voltage to several kilovolts, that is on the verge of breakdown. On these wires will adsorption of atmospheric gases. Since the field between the conductors is clearly uneven, it is in this area and will strive polarized molecules. A cloud condensed gases. The pressure in the cloud is above atmospheric.
The polarization of the molecules and create adsorption pillows are not immediate, but not long-millisecond (and for some gases and microseconds).
Now remove the tension from the first conductor and serve in the fourth conductor negative voltage "-". Now, between the second "-" third "," fourth and "-" conductors tend to form an adsorption pad. But side by side and partly on these wires is already lying pillow! So she moves on one step and now lies on the second third and fourth conductors. Positive voltage is then fed to the fifth conductor pad moves one step. And so on.
Zone of condensed gas is running for stress wave. We received a directed flow in a design that has no moving parts. This may be a fan, and a turbine and pump. The gas has a mass, it is inert, it is polarized. If, after giving a rate of gas we will put in front of the bunch conductors without voltage, until the molecules are polarized, they roll on these wires polarization. Maybe it will make the car-pump, reversible, that is, put a generator. If we use the explicit rigid dipoles, then when flying in a magnetic field, they should be established ordered (see "Certain events during the motion of a dipole in a magnetic field"). Field of these dipoles will put voltage in the close-conductors.
The proposed planar structure, certainly not ideal. The actual construction must include the set of parallel planes with multiple electrodes on them (set nets).
No moving parts. The ability to control the gas flow without mechanical influence on him. Fundamentally new method for the control of gas flow.
Perhaps the use of these pumps will create a new type of transport or mover.