ON A Hypothetical sources of energy

on 24 August 2012.

     The development of civilization - is the development of new energy sources. Step of the way: the energy of wood, oil, gas, wind, rivers, atom. Population growth, the health of the citizens of society, quality of life, the possibility of, getting rid of the need to do hard labor - all of this is directly related enerovooruzhennostyu society, with the number of kilowatt those that would occur in humans.

     The author sees the need for active discussion of the different methods of preparation and conversion of energy - wherever and whoever was not achieved the ultimate success, but using it will be all the fruits of success will go to each member of a civilization.

     We offer a hypothesis, which, in his opinion, in part supported by experience, and in part can be tested in the laboratory.

     Near the path of a beam of charged relativistic particles should exhibit spontaneous decay of substances.

Beam of relativistic particles changes the metric space.

Particle - this is not a material point, a region of space where a more or less manifest its properties. Whether it is electric or magnetic, or gravitational, or God knows what field, but these fields are spread to infinity, the particle has a relationship with the space. As the speed increases, this relationship (the author!) Weakens, then there is a particle less and less impact on further processes, but the processes underlying the immediate vicinity of it starts to affect more and more.

    The fact that the field of relativistic particles compressed known. (Zisman GA, OM Todes course of general physics, v.3, Moscow, "Nauka", 1972, p.175). The fact that the field is becoming more energy aware, but not emphasized, in my opinion, properly.

    When you approach the speed of light charged particle effects on objects in the vicinity of its trajectory, will grow indefinitely, and the time of exposure to fall indefinitely. That is why the author speaks of the beam particles, and not on the individual particles.

    You can address this issue and to the cosmological point of view. Moving particle "sees" in front aberration by contraction of the Universe (see Art. Anisotropy of space), but if it flies to the acceleration, the universe for it is, in addition, and contracting. And in a contracting universe all processes need to go "back" in comparison to the expanding universe, that is, the atoms must break down into its component parts, the elementary particles must also break down, a substance must fly to the start and fade in the primary radiation. And all this will happen with greater intensity, the greater the speed (and acceleration) of the body relative to the matter. When passing the light barrier (for a particle moving in the matter) will be a phenomenon as with the particle, and the substance that allows hope for energy in unlimited quantities.

    Cherenkov effect in transmission of relativistic particles through matter - a faint echo of this phenomenon. Now we register only the electromagnetic radiation in a cone. And anyone looking for signs of decay when ever Cherenkov radiation? Electromagnetic cone of Cerenkov radiation is so similar to a cone of bremsstrahlung (see Art. Bremsstrahlung - the best source of light), which suggests the idea that it is one and the same. Deceleration of charged particles in the atom when dropped a negligible part of the energy of the particle will be exactly the same with bremsstrahlung in the condenser (cone). Shards of a collapse of the substance will be messy. The assertion that the Cherenkov radiation is emitted particles without braking, obviously not true (at least on the basis of the law of conservation of energy).

    If the middle of the periodic table of substances decay effect can (dolzhen!) be energetically disadvantageous and may be unobservable, then the end of the periodic table of substances possibly reacting with significant energy effect. The buildup of external fields core changes to the geometry of space, where, as in the liquid drop model, increase the distance between the parts of the nucleus, and nuclear power will be weakened, it may be for some nuclei transfer tensile strength. That is, if it is possible to shake the core of high atomic weight, then it is possible to get it to split and get with the division of the energy in the form of, for example, the kinetic energy of the fragments.

Practical experience in the implementation of the scheme can be represented in this way.

    You need to place the source of energy (matter end of the periodic table, and, preferably, radioactive) in the space, as close to the trajectory of ultrarelativistic charged particles. This space is not only a change in the properties of space, but also that "something", we are still unclear, the creative process and so unexpected reactions, the author gladly hypothesis is confirmed in the analysis of traces of high-energy particles in the emulsion:

    There are traces of an unexpected breakdown of some of the atoms near the path of high-energy particles!

     The author can not tell which are atoms. Emulsion, which is passed through a stream of particles in these experiments is a mixture of different components - so it is possible to analyze a variety of reactions. Bubble chambers, cloud chambers, hydrogen cameras do not correspond to the task - light material are not easy enough to "fall apart", absorbing energy without decay, and do not emit it. Too light materials are filling these cameras.

    And now you can ask yourself: How big a splash of the electromagnetic field, we can create? By reasonably argues that the upper limit of the value of the field is no splash. In the laboratory, has achieved energy particles about 103 GeV, the cosmic-ray particles with energies found on many orders. Progress in the construction technology of accelerators would increase the energy of the particles, and this process is practically limitless.

    In addition, increasing the number of not very energetic particles, summarizing the impact of multiple sources of fields, you can get away from the need to obtain ultra-relativistic particles.

    The author sums it up this way: is possible to create a system that uses a field of relativistic charged particles to get fantastic effects. In particular, it should be observed rapid decay of substances the end of the periodic table. Promising to significantly reduce the time decay of radioactive nuclei when placed in the zone of influence of the beam to control this process increasing the beam current and the energy.

    But how to prove the change of metric spaces?

    -Target can be a photon. That is possible to create in the laboratory in mikroprostranstvah such fields that distort the path of the beam of light or change its characteristics. The plant can look like a beam of relativistic particles that create the field set point in a given volume of space, along which (preferably against him) sent a beam of light. Frequency change, energy and offset rays with respect to each other are measured and the results certainly confirm our hypothesis. And the polarization of the light, changing the velocity of propagation and interaction of electromagnetic waves and the beam of charged particles interesting topic!) ...

    Electric and magnetic fields are much stronger influence on the space than gravity (by many orders of magnitude).

    Electric and magnetic fields are stationary beam of particles are constant. But they're moving! With almost the speed of light! Are you a good idea of ​​how big the EMF induce such fields in the immediate vicinity of the source?

    The author has already predicted the appearance of the EMF in the conductors, adjacent to the stationary beam of charged particles - not relativistic! (See Art. Transformer DC).

    Now he happily predicts the collapse of the relativistic motion of the atoms in the fields, the curvature of the light beam, changing its frequency and polarization characteristics.

    Sea of ​​energy under your feet! Substances after 56 numbers have to devote energy to the decay.

    Fusion was completely discredited in the laboratory, but no explosive solution satisfies. Nuclear decay of heavy nuclei - a real method of energy now, no thoughtful discussion about the purity of fusion.

    Nuclear heat boilers lead or uranium 238-m - means to provide themselves with the
Arctic Circle
pineapples and coconuts. And at the same time destroy all the radioactive waste, trash and sludge nuclear plants.

    There is nothing easier than to slip a piece of uranium closer to the relativistic beam and give short weight sensor design radiation. Think out the hypothesis can be later. Now enough and numerous tracks in emulsions, confirming author abstracts to take a chance on the test.