Avalanche processes

on 23 August 2012.

Influence of the insignificant factors causing enormous climatic changes, doing not come within miles of primary expenses of energy, causes close attention of the most wide range of experts.
In the USSR similar experiments in high-mountainous areas, for example, were made. Purpose of experiments: acceleration of thawing of glaciers, regulation of this process according to requirements of agriculture and power. Strengthening of thawing of glaciers was caused by soot dispersion. As a result of reduction of reflective ability of ice the large quantity of solar energy was absorbed in addition. Thawing of glaciers at the first stages of works resembled rather accident, than on adjustable process. In view of that results caused rather a fear and irritation (human victims it was not mentioned), than the satisfaction condition, similar experiences were curtailed.

Meanwhile studying of similar process is represented to the extremely necessary. The matter is that and without desire of the person there is a similar phenomenon. For example, it can result from volcano eruption when the enormous amount of ashes is released into the atmosphere and settles in huge territories, including on glaciers. The thawing of glaciers caused as a result of it can serve as the reason of floods.
In the Far East experiments on management of an amount of precipitation were made. As a result of dispersion of iodide silver and other substances rains over preset areas in vegetation of plants were caused.
On the Lake Sevan in a shallowing the cyclone installations were established. These installations grasped ground air and a dust and threw them on height in some kilometers. Strengthening of a tucheobrazovaniye and increase in a precipitation was observed.
In 1985 large-scale tests in Ukraine, in Georgia and Uzbekistan on the area more than one million hectare were carried out. Possibility of increase in a precipitation in winter and summertime was investigated. Result - without special expenditure it is possible to increase an amount of precipitation by 10-20 %. Expenses made 3 kopeks on cubic meter.
In Canada, to the Provinces of Quebec, the enterprise maintaining power plant, decided to lift reservoir level by means of artificially caused precipitation. Iodide silver was used. The success surpassed all expectations. Even after the indignant locals broke all installations, the rain proceeded some more weeks.
Attack of clouds practises in many countries by means of rockets or the shells filled with iodide silver. Having unloaded clouds in the form of a rain, without having given possibility of increase in hailstones introduction of very large number of the centers of condensation, achieve considerable reduction of losses in agriculture.
During war in Vietnam the USA used artificially caused precipitation as means of conducting combat operations. Over guerrilla areas the pouring rains disturbing were organized or interfering effectively to apply against anti-aircraft weapon aircraft.
The one who read contracts on restriction of strategic arms between the USA and the USSR, probably, paid attention to articles stipulating application and researches in the field of the meteorological weapon, and also the means causing artificial earthquakes.
That the meteorological weapon is rolled long ago both on the, and in another's territories, is known.
Concerning the means causing earthquakes, it is known a little. Authentically that in places where large reservoirs are created, seismicity raises. Rather authentically that the downloading a large amount of water in deep wells can initiate earthquakes. There are data that the stream
мезонов or neytrino with energy causes about 100 GEV (initiates) some processes in crust and, in principle, can be a avanche factor.
"The staff of Physical institute of Academy of Sciences of the USSR and Institute of physics of Earth showed that neytrinny bunches can be used in quality of "the trigger mechanism" being formed earthquake, realizing it during convenient time for this region" (1, with 88). Details on this matter are certainly best of all for learning if to address in the Ministry of Defence of the USA or to specialists of the former Union - that, interestingly, they meant in these points when prepared documents on arms limitation? Where the similar means were tested, what results are received, why so easily went on signing about weapon restriction about which we and concepts had no?
Search of other factors influencing global processes at the minimum energy consumption is represented to the extremely interesting.
Both natural, and artificial factors can cause such changes therefore the analysis can subject rather wide range of influences.
Freona as factor of destruction of an ozone layer. According to the author, influence
фреонов is not avalanche process, that is cannot cause avalanche increase of changes in the atmosphere.
Volcanoes. Influence of volcanoes is rather well studied, at considerable eruption influence on the atmosphere and on climate of Earth enormously. Despite a large quantity of the energy which was allocated at eruption at all it is the main factor, and the thrown-out products. For many processes eruption is a starting factor. It both thawing of glaciers, and change
альбедо the enormous areas with all that it implies, and influence on the biosphere by means of the products released into the atmosphere.
Nuclear explosions on a surface and in the atmosphere. Emission of enormous quantity of breed in the atmosphere should affect natural processes. The water balance can not only sharply change, but there will be global climate changes of a planet, and, to unpredictable consequences. Besides, impact of nuclear explosion on a magnetosphere is distinctly traced in some years after test! It seems improbable, but changes in a magnetosphere remain for many years (2, page 122). And if still to consider that the resonant effect when consequences of nuclear explosion will be imposed on any periodic process in a magnetosphere is possible, it is possible to argue with confidence: nuclear explosion is a avalanche process.
Influence of underground nuclear explosions on points antipodes. There are data that at the moment of nuclear explosions on a reverse side of Earth there is a powerful splash in an electromagnetic field. The similar phenomenon has negative impact on health and health of people. The stationary magnetic field of Earth that involves the whole chain of the consequences connected with it Besides, changes: radio communication violation, loss of ions from a magnetosphere, weather change (pressure, temperatures, a precipitation). The full list of the occurring phenomena, on all visibilities, anybody for today cannot give. That is the nuclear explosions which have been carried out even underground, can be avalanche processes for the atmosphere, and both in a place of their carrying out, and in points antipodes. At carrying out nuclear tests the people being on the opposite side of Earth can suffer! Hardly preventions of tests will be effective, seemingly, that only complete prohibition of tests on Earth will relieve us of influence of explosions.
Reproduction of some species of microorganisms (during natural or artificial mutations or as a result of environment pollution). Cold-resistant types, settling on glaciers or snow covers of valleys at the expense of change
альбедо surfaces (that will entail increase in absorption of solar energy), can cause their strengthened and untimely thawing that will sharply change water balance of the area. Floods and droughts - such is there will be a result. It is obviously avalanche process.
Vegetation data in a certain territory (or development under agricultural cultures of the desert territory). Depending on a geographical position it can become the reason of local climate change. Evaporation of a large amount of moisture and change
альбедо should affect weather. Though kurkovy similar process to call difficult, but consequences at development of big territories (even at change of one agricultural culture another!) will be enormous. And if to assume possibility of a dusting of the substances which are actively absorbing light, and on deserts, the effect will be so unpredictable, paradoxical that anybody today, NOBODY can predict global consequences.
Application of superficially active substances, influence of chemical additives and pollution. Laundry detergents, the soap, washing additives, shampoos change a superficial tension of water. Still it is not carried out serious research of influence of all industrial and shirpotrebovsky chemistry on water evaporation. Meanwhile, warmth of evaporation of water should change at different types of pollution. Formation of a film on surfaces also influences evaporation. If at the same quantity of energy arriving from the Sun there will be a bigger or smaller evaporation from an invariable mirror of a reservoir depending on number of pollution, it will cause accident. And, maybe, already caused, and on a global scale. The increase in volumes of pollution of the World Ocean in itself poses threat. Change of volumes of evaporation of water will cause global climate change with absolutely unpredictable consequences. According to the author, change of evaporation of water causes a current trend in warming.
And even about pollution. Physicist Wood once organized such joke. He had a rest with the wife at Emerald falls. Having risen in the morning, it made jog to a place of excursion and threw into water above on a current a bottle with fluorescing paint. During excursion water was painted in such amazing emerald color that the guide was simply stunned. But change of color is inevitably accompanied by change
альбедо! And it means that absorption of solar energy will be changed! If one bottle флуоресцента sufficed to paint thousands tons of water what it is possible to tell about million tons of the pollutants dumped in the rivers and the World Ocean? Inevitably change of absorption of sunlight is besides inevitable evaporation change from a former mirror of a reservoir, and climate change is inevitable then.
The conclusion can be only pessimistic. On our century resources and a limit of stability of the biosphere will suffice also. For the subsequent generations to keep the status
qvo it will be possible, only accepting the most strict control measures of industrial pollution.

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