on 23 August 2012.

Once Lorentz considered influence of ether on bodies moving in it. Its formulas strongly became current modern physics.

However ether disappeared. It appeared unnecessary, superfluous in Einstein's theory.

The radiation of the Universe perceived by us, in very big degree is isotropic, is identical in all directions. The Universe extends, and we fix (behind very small exception!) red shift in ranges of astronomical objects. But if we give to our measuring system (Earth) space, relativistic speed in any! in any direction, the world will be transformed beyond recognition. Radiation of coming nearer objects, that is objects to which movement (апекс) will be directed, will get the violet shift, removed objects even more will increase red shift. Besides, all objects ahead also will be pulled together to apex, and behind will run up from antiapex. There is it owing to an aberration (BSE, т.1, page 20, 1970 of). The part of the objects which were behind, with increase in speed will jump in area ahead (so objects it will be perceived by the moving observer).

But it still is not so interesting, as such hypothesis which the author considers rather reasonable.




Let's assume that to Dopler's law submit not only photons, gamma quanta, neytrino, but also constant electric, magnetic, gravitational fields (!), and who knows what else types of energy. Also we will assume also, as the aberration takes place for all types of energy.


Then for the observer flying with speed near light the Universe ahead will be compressed in a point which radiation will be so grandiose that any advance becomes impossible: pressure of radiation will not simply exceed draft of engines (if they, naturally, worked), but also it will be simple to destroy the ship. Any free movement by inertia it will not be observed, any subject (or a particle) can fly only with negative acceleration. The Universe will push away ahead from itself a body flying with a high speed.


Then receives a logic explanation basic impossibility of achievement of a velocity of light and increase of a lag effect of moving ph. The lag effect is resistance of the environment!


Is, the fact of expansion of the Universe, that is observable space objects instrumentalno is fixed. To exceed speed of a razbeganiye, means, to drag on itself all Universe!


That is interesting, Einstein responded about the Move principle rather validly. And the Move just also argued that inertia of bodies is interaction from all Universe!


Made experiments on measurement of a velocity of light in the various directions, assuming that the velocity of light depends on speed of a body on air. As it appeared, does not depend. Well also that? Einstein even did not know, according to his own statement, about Maykelson's experience.


Let's remind, in brief an essence of this experience.


The beam from a light source was divided into two beams, extending in the vzaimnoperpendikulyarny directions. Then beams were reduced on the screen and интерферировали. Installation could turn on 360 degrees. If the velocity of light depended on the direction, at installation turn on some corner change of an interferential picture (speed of Earth, for example, in one direction of distribution of a beam would develop with speed of a beam, and in other it was subtracted) would be noted. The modern interferometers working at lasers, are capable to find out speed in relation to air, equal only 0,003 cm/seconds that exceeds the accuracy reached by Maykelson in 5000 times! ("Modern" experiences are the experiences given, for example, in the book of Zisman G. A. and Todesa O. M., Course of the general physics, part 3, "Science", Main edition of physical and mathematical literature, M, 1972, page 346).


The statement that a material body cannot move with a velocity of light, at all does not mean that the quantum of radiation cannot move with a velocity of light. Yes it only this way also can move! As though we did not measure its speed.


If to make in modern conditions Maykelsona-Morley's experiment, only for material bodies! Beams of electrons should interference, instead of rays of light. Then even speed of Earth will be a sufficient factor for change of an interferential picture.


So, if resistance of the environment to movement of material particles really increases, the question of the Universe isotropy (or its anisotropies in the various directions) becomes solvable. The lag effect of particles will depend on the distribution direction.


But even if the Universe it is isotropic in very big degree, in such degree that distinctions in a lag effect of particles in the various directions do not give in today to measurement, it is possible to create anisotropy artificially. For a relativistic particle the Universe "is represented" anisotropic - ahead it sees not so such, as behind. And here this particle (we will tell, system) will fix anisotropy and visually and instrumentalno. Cannot be differently in any way: in one direction for it the Universe will be "red", and in other - "violet".


Having left from concept of abstract space, we win, instead of we lose.


There is a relic radiation?


There is a relic background neytrino?


There is a radiation of stars, quasars, galaxies?


There are solar, galactic, Universal magnetic fields?


Whether this field according to Dopler for a moving particle changes?




All Universe is filled with energy of different types.


The substance scattering after the Big Bang, is in some balance with streams of this energy - the radiation isotropy from the various directions is very high (it is the facts!). So the boat moving on a current, does not notice a current. But it is necessary to the boat to start to move in any (in any!) the direction as there is a resistance to movement. And it is impossible to define, where the current is directed!


It is necessary to refuse Einstein's first postulate which argues that any phenomena submit to identical laws in inertial systems. Mathematically it, maybe, and so. But the space background is not identical to the bodies moving with different speeds. This background influences the processes proceeding in moving systems. It is reality! If we recognize, what there is a space background of radiation (someone objects?), we are compelled to recognize that that it should change from speed of a body.


The particles of big energiya received, for example, in accelerators, will cooperate with the increased background. If instability of a proton depends on this background, already there should be certificates of disintegration of a proton during acceleration (or in accumulative rings) without interaction with a target, spontaneously. It is possible that now loss of protons in accelerators explain other reasons: interaction with the remains of gases, dispersion, loss from an accelerator resonance.


The body which has been compulsorily accelerated, ceases to be in balance from the Universe. It should return after the lapse of any time to this balance, start to move so that energy streams from the various parties were balanced, that the Universe ahead of and behind object was identical. And it means that spontaneous braking of relativistic particles should be observed.


Influence of a space background on processes of radioactive disintegration though is not considered rather strong factor, but admits without any scepticism. However studying of space factors was made in Zemlya system. Anybody cannot argue today that the system moving differently, than "Earth", tests just the same influence of a space background. For a body moving with okolosvetovy speed, energy of running, counter photons or quanta of any other type of radiation will increase repeatedly. If there is an external factor, for example, radioactive disintegration, for the radioactive body flying with okolosvetovy speed, rate of decay will change also.


To operate rate of decay of radioactive atoms is, in fact, to create a nuclear reactor of new type, to involve in a power turn enormous stocks of energy.


Actually, now welfare is measured in the kilowatt-hours, having per capita. The country having, making, consuming is more energy, occupies also higher step in terrestrial hierarchy. Neither the weapon, nor natural resources, quantity of the population do not render so essential contribution to hierarchy what is rendered by energy.
















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