on 23 August 2012.



The set of ways introduction of drugs (MEDICINES) in an organism is known.

It is possible to take medicine inside as I peep (and then it will be exposed to influence of digestive enzymes to react with food, with a mucous membrane, therefore, to influence massed on an organism).

It is possible to enter medicine for influence only on a certain body - through rectum, vaginalno, for example; influence time then increases, but many substances do not get through a mucous membrane.

It is possible to enter medicine a prick into a muscle, under skin or in a vein (and then it is exposed to influence of clearing forces, reacts with blood, affects an internal).

It is possible to enter medicine in the way electrophoresis (but membranes of cages are not so ready to pass unusual substances for their activity, besides, many medicinal substances badly dissociate, and at last, at electrolysis disintegration of active zones of drugs therefore the effect can be perverted can be observed).

There is one way which somehow has absolutely dropped out of a field of vision of physicians to which the author wants to draw attention of readers. This way also consists in micropricks. Analog of similar influence (only not so medical direction) is the headdress (tattoo).






The headdress remains tens years. If to replace paint with medicine, its influence will occur also for years. In places of regularly arising ulcers on skin, in the places which are especially subject to various diseases, the similar way can appear very effective.

Use of the drugs which are not giving coloring of skin, can become a form of treatment of chronic diseases without additional internal reception of any medicamentous means.

Concentration of medicine in a place of a headdress can exceed admissible for an organism at intake in thousands times. It not only will relieve an organism of poisoning with toxins, but will allow to increase efficiency of treatment. The liver, for example, should not suffer because that the patient takes medicine for skin diseases.

And in the necessary concentration - such way admits for a long time the right place doctors of the whole world. Creation of the medicines influencing only sick body or system is essentially impossible, at traditional ways of introduction …

Preparations affect all organism therefore also the decision on application of this or that means even if it is very effective at this disease, should follow from the analysis of a condition of all organism, its age and accompanying diseases.

Therefore introduction of drugs in an epidermis layer (at skin diseases) when it does not influence other bodies, is represented preferable.

A little the version about drawing of headdresses (micropricks) on an internal more gipotetichno looks. If concerning integuments there is a mnogovekovy experience, concerning heart, lungs, a liver, kidneys etc. are not present such experience.

But, nevertheless, it is possible to assume that such way is essentially possible: an internal is covered with a thin film, though many times thinner, than skin.

Therefore, micropricks should be made by microtools on smaller depth. Besides, it is struck with an illness (or it is injured) there can be only any part of body therefore also influence can be made only on it, and even not under a film, and is direct in body.

The in itself microprick allows to change cage reaction qualitatively: introduction of microdoses of drugs will change structure of the intercellular environment, therefore, will change also cage reactions, its interaction with other cages and an organism.

Vessels are subject to diseases, as well as other bodies. The thickness of vessels is rather great, therefore introduction of microdoses of drugs in places of defeat will provide the set influence during the long period of time.

Vascular diseases in connection with a general growing (a postareniye?) mankind leaves now into the forefront. Therefore experiences and approbation of similar technology could simplify treatment of many diseases essentially.

Really: or to replace the corked vessel, for example, a heart valve that demands the most difficult operation with absolutely unpredictable consequences or to carry out an introduction session to walls of a vessel of microdoses of the means dissolving blood clots, and in the concentration, exceeding it is thousandfold the most admissible at other forms of introduction. The second, according to the author, more preferably.

For similar influences the new equipment which would allow to carry out a puncture on the set depth with the minimum damage of surrounding fabrics is required. The thinnest needle getting into a fabric, without damaging nearby the being cages, bearing a medicine microdose - so process, generally, looks. Thousand such micropricks on the set site will enter totally quantity of medicine many times less, than at a macroprick, but here efficiency of similar influence will be many times higher.

электрофорез, a macroprick cannot be compared to similar influence. Through selectively passing membrane which is both a skin surface, and an external layer of an internal, and vessels, it is extremely difficult to push through an ion not passed by them or the whole chemically difficult connection - therefore электрофорез and it can not be close comparable every way. Besides, to carry out электрофорез for an internal it is represented rather problematic.

The macroprick, for example, at hypodermic introduction, grasps, apparently, big area of influence, but it damages, first, underlaying fabrics, and secondly, (rassasyvaniye) therefore time of its influence sharply decreases gets under action of neutralizing factors. Besides, it influences those fabrics to which in any way cannot get under action of so concentrated drugs which are offered to be entered a microprick.

The skin microprick (headdress) essentially differs from known methods of introduction of drugs. Microdoses of the medicines entered into structures which obviously do not get under a wide range of protective influences of an organism, influence not simply prolonged, they qualitatively change blanket reactions that cannot be reached standard practices.

Development of an offered technique can not only simplify treatment of many diseases, but also will give a new way of influence (lasting for years). On this way it is possible to expect remarkable finds.