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The space is considered the invariable arena of occurring events. Possibility to get to space with the distorted characteristics, that is in that space where habitual laws while is only enough reasonable hypothesis relating to space objects are not carried out.

The author brings to your attention the following subject: the space changes the properties in relation to the observer depending on speed, acceleration and the direction of movement of the observer.

The similar hypothesis at all does not contradict modern physical representations.

Really, so far as we observe change of some properties at moving object, and the observer on this object should fix change of properties at ph. flying by by it. Set of these bodies and properties also is space, the Universe.

Conclusions which the author does from this will contradict, and contradictions with statements of eminent authors will be enough (to give them everything the author does not consider necessary, after all is frequent and he sincerely is mistaken).

Here two quotes:

"The aberration of light displaces a star on the heavenly sphere to apex, and with increase in speed of the observer shift increases" (1). (Apeks is a that point where movement is directed).

"If the element of substance of a crown moves away from the Sun, owing to an aberration a space angle under which the Sun from moving object is visible, becomes less. In case of element approach, on the contrary, the space angle will increase" (2).

Agree that someone here is mistaken. Let's hope that the second quote is only a typographical error. If the object is pulled together or displaced to apex, its sizes decrease. Let's be guided by the Encyclopedia (1).



The object is ahead in the direction of travel. Seeming situation it aspires to apex.






Fig. 2.   

 The object is behind. Seeming situation is removed from antiapex.

So, at approach to object (we will consider for definiteness that it and is a purpose point, apex) a space angle under which it is seen by the observer, DECREASES, that is the object is pulled together, reduces the visible sizes.

It is possible to make mental experiment, never realizable, certainly, actually, but showing paradoxical manifestations of many habitual laws.


Let the body moves with okolosvetovy speed and can increase speed (up to the light!) and let the observer is on this body. Then the observer will notice some so beautiful effects, what even their description will give to the author pleasure.

We consider visual effects. So we see the World. Or we adapt our explanation of the World to our vision, or we explain the World contrary to vision, but our understanding - this choice does everyone for itself.

 - Stars ahead at the rate have blue color, and behind red (we will tell so, shift of lines of a range for known lines of radiation for running stars occurs towards blue color, and for escaping towards red). If the observer received information from running sources, it would draw a conclusion that time at them runs very quickly and if the observer received information from escaping sources, it would draw a conclusion that time at them flows too slowly (it only Dopler's effect). Information from running sources arrives with greater speed, than information from just the same sources behind the observer.

- Removed objects have is disproportionate big, breaking laws of prospect, the angular sizes. This fact is considered rather confirmed (3).

- Coming nearer objects have is disproportionate the small angular sizes in comparison with rules of prospects (1).

- The linear sizes in the area of movement of the observer for the bodies running on the observer, decrease. Therefore all habitual configurations of constellations (they will be pulled together to that point in space where movement of the observer, that is to апексу is directed) will be distorted.

- The linear sizes in the area of movement of the bodies which are moving away from the observer, increase. Therefore the configuration of constellations behind the observer will be distorted (they will be stretched from that point in infinity, from where there is a movement, this point is called antiapex), and the part will jump over them in area ahead of the observer.

- The particle having a charge, renders on running body bigger measured instant effect, than on a flying-away body. The reason is covered that as the author considers, the field is transferred by some discrete sizes, field quanta, and at emergence of relative speed of a body - the field carrier - and the observer the charge law, and besides according to Dopler's law changes. The moving electron, and is better a beam of electrons, will influence the motionless charge, not explained by the charge  law.

- Gravitational influences of the coming nearer and removed masses differ (at authentic knowledge that these masses are equal).

- The space is asymmetrical ahead and behind the observer.

- The space ahead of the moving observer looks as a beautiful rainbow: in a purpose point objects radiate scale beams (certainly, invisible, but traceable!), then on a bigger circle goes gala x-ray sources, then on even bigger circle there is a rigid ultraviolet, then dark blue, blue, green etc. up to infra-red beams and closing gala consists of radiation sources.

Then the overall picture for the moving observer will look so.

Ahead at the rate of a star and a galaxy reduced the angular sizes and are pulled together to a point to which movement (to apex is directed).

Radiation of objects is ahead displaced towards shorter waves. All visible events (the birth and death of stars, rapprochement of objects, flashes supernew etc.) occur to the increased speed. Information capacity of any wave submits to Dopler's law. That is information will arrive with greater speed if the observer moves on a radiator. Speed of obtaining information from object depends on relative speed of object and the observer.

Behind the moving observer objects increased the angular sizes estimated to these objects of distance increased. Radiation of objects was displaced towards red light. All events occur in a slowed-up way. Information arrives at the slowed-down speed.

The observer by the ship argues that ahead the space became more compact, more compressed. Besides, he argues that the space is obviously asymmetric: ahead and behind it there are two absolutely different Universes: the first compressed, second expanded.

If the observer flies with acceleration, it will draw a conclusion that ahead of it the Universe is compressed, and behind it extends. Ahead it is possible to observe at the accelerated speed process of the birth of the Universe, but upside-down: all Galaxies are flied to some center, compressed and disappear in primary radiation. And behind the observer will see the extending Universe, time delay, fading of stars, Universe dying. In his opinion, there was the force which is pulling together galaxies to apex, and the force which is parting forcibly them from antiapexа. That is from movement acceleration (at achievement of relativistic speeds!) in a root world vision will change!

It is the fact that at increase in distance of examining of escaping objects to 109 … 1010 light years take place supervision as speeds above a velocity of light (visual effects!), and the compelled introduction of some forces of pushing apart between Galaxies. Our Universe extends! (3). And with acceleration (from analogy to the given effects).

In a limiting case when speed of a body closely will come nearer to light, all Universe will be compressed in apex, in one microscopic point. If behind in antiapex there was any star, it will be stretched on the space rest. Radiation of the Universe will reach such size that will destroy the ship. If the ship brakes, the observer will see the Big Bang: The Universe will swing open to it towards! From apex all galaxies suddenly will escape and will run up on a firmament.

At achievement of some speed the Universe suddenly will flash is there was visible a background relic radiation. At first it will flash ahead at the rate, then will capture some area ahead, then with this radiation there will be the same, as to radiation of stars: in a purpose point it will leave in an ultraviolet and again becomes invisible, and rings violet, dark blue, blue, green, yellow, orange, red colors will go.

Constant fields precisely also submit to Dopler's effect, as well as variation electromagnetic fields. But if for an electromagnetic field change of frequency of radiation is observed (after all it means also energy, isn't that so? and according to the electromagnetic theory it follows from this that amplitudes of electric and magnetic intensity) increased, for a constant field intensity change (the force influencing a trial charge or weight) is observed.

Particles running on the observer have on measuring devices effect which it is possible to explain increase in an influencing factor or increase in physical characteristics of particles (weight, a charge).

Particles escaping from the observer have on measuring devices effect which it is possible to explain reduction of an influencing factor or reduction of physical characteristics of particles (weight, a charge).

That was considered as firm sizes earlier (for example, weight and time), it was reduced by the relativity theory to the sizes which assessment depends on speed of the observer. To charges, according to the author, it is possible to apply the same principle. Besides, the size of the measured charge (on a deep belief of the author, and masses) depends on size and the direction of speed of the observer - at movement on the observer charge action (as well as masses) on trial object will be big, than at flying away from trial object.

 At movement on the observer the field is compressed, increases the action by a trial charge or measuring devices of the observer, at removal from the observer action of a field of a charge decreases. The charge is not the absolute, invariable size, and as well as the weight, changes the size or, more precisely, impact on a trial charge depending on speed concerning it. The field is compressed ahead of a moving body therefore only at near influence the effect will prove. The removed field, on the contrary, is stretched in space, time of its influence increases.

So far as many objects for the moving observer removed from area "objectively behind" (objectively is only from the point of view of the motionless observer) in area "ahead", we have the right to ask a question: what pressure renders this radiation on the ship of the observer?

And we are compelled (are compelled!) to conclude that many stars being behind the moving observer (we will repeat that it so only from the point of view of the motionless observer because the moving observer owing to an aberration sees them ahead!) put pressure upon the ship, brake its movement!

It so strange, unusual, paradoxical that the author suggests the reader to be surprised together with it. To shoot at a back, and to hit a breast!

The radiating object being, for example, from the point of view of the motionless observer in the plane, perpendicular speed and passing through the ship, brakes it the radiation! After all the moving observer sees it ahead, is closer to апексу! And it can measure this pressure! And the more speed, the most part of space because of an aberration leaves in area ahead, bigger pressure will render those radiation on object.

The Universe resists to movement!

But if so, it is possible to find it "true" speed. Having defined anisotropy of space radiation, it is possible to learn as far as our speed differs from speed of expansion of the Universe.

Let's explain. The Universe extends is proves to be true astronomical supervision. Properties of the Universe are identical in all directions. But they are identical for the time being: giving of speed to the observer cancels similarity of space, there is its anisotropy, properties of space change depending on the supervision direction. The properties distinguishing space ahead from space behind start to appear. Radiation from area ahead differs from radiation from area behind. Being in balance from the Universe, it is impossible to define its anisotropy. If anisotropy is defined, it is possible to judge degree of a deviation of own speed of the observer from the equilibrium.

Maykelsona-Morley's experiences convincingly showed that the velocity of light is identical in all directions. Modern devices increased accuracy of similar measurements on some orders. Air will reject, this hypothesis died. Whether the author suggests to reanimate become obsolete concepts?

It agrees to one of fundamental provisions of mechanics any internal physical experiments it is impossible to find rectilinear and uniform movement. The author does not reject it. But he argues that there are no pure internal experiments and measurements. The Universe influences each object, its fields penetrate all space. The moving object inevitably gets under action of a set of factors which influence internal processes. Therefore any experience which has been carried out in moving object, depends on speed of a body, from anisotropy of space radiation arising thus (gravitational, neytrinny, scale and still god knows what).

Equality of a velocity of light in the various directions is experimentally a fact in evidence, instead of a hypothesis. But it only can mean that at movement influencing factors do not influence a velocity of light (or influence very poorly, out of possibilities of modern devices). If the Universe really in our area of space is identical, is isotropic in all directions, it does not mean that there are no other areas where its properties are various in the different directions. If these areas are far and unattainable, they should be created. On the bodies moving with okolosvetovy speed, anisotropy of properties in the various directions should be observed. Influencing factors can influence speed of radioactive disintegration, on acceleration of particles in the various directions, on interaction of particles, eventually, even on body temperature: after all at some speed counter radiation can become so strong that spontaneous heating of a body will be appreciable.

The space can influence moving object, so far as it is filled with energy. And it is abundantly clear that movement in this sea of energy (the isotropic!) will cause a number of anisotropic effects.

For macrobodies in vitro to reach light speeds it is almost impossible. But microbodies can have the speed differing from light on shares of percent. It can be electrons, ions or the raised atoms. Experiments with ions or the raised atoms are especially interesting, because we can receive information from them in the form of radiation and judge this or that degree of asymmetry of this radiation.

Ives at the beginning of the twentieth century did experiences with kanalovy beams and convincingly proved justice of the theory of a relativity (radiation in the direction of travel and was photographed against), (4). It fixed Dopler-effekt of the second order (the beam radiating in the direction of travel, increases frequency, back - reduces, but in the sum it does not turn out at all symmetric process, some reduction of frequency which speaks time delay moving object is fixed), it is possible to find and some other the phenomena showing asymmetry of processes for moving object.

Always, when the author speaks about asymmetry of processes on moving object, it means that from the point of view of the observer on such object asymmetrical there are processes in space.

In the same way, as Ives for frequency of radiation did, it is possible to approach and to an assessment of influence of charges and masses. There is Doppler effect of the first order, which, certainly!, it is possible to find and not at relativistic speeds.

The beam (bunch) of atoms can accept radiation. Therefore, irradiating it under different corners, it is possible to define the directions which at this speed, are for a beam being ahead. This experience will confirm object braking by Universe radiation.

 Corpuscular radiation from a bunch of particles or space objects should extend in a cone, as well as Cherenkovsky radiation.

The beam of atoms dispersed till relativistic speeds, should be raised and be ionized by radiation of stars or background radiation.

The author suggests to check asymmetry of influence of charges thus. In a vakuumirovanny pipe the beam of the charged relativistic particles not changing over time is passed. In the middle of a pipe there is a diaphragm. From both parties of a diaphragm electric field is measured. That is one sensors measure a field only from running particles, and others - from removed.

Unfortunately, gravitational forces are so weak what to do the same for detection of asymmetry of influence of masses it is not obviously possible. The analogy of the fields which has been so beautifully presented in formulas, cannot help at measurement is insignificant small sizes. It is possible to assume that any moving body will be slowed down, will not come yet to any balance from the Universe, this effect will depend on speed. It is known, what the mass of relativistic particles increases, but whether it is better to consider, what only inertial properties of moving objects which are registered by the motionless observer, increase? Gravitational properties of masses moving with relativistic speeds, by the way, still are investigated by nobody.

So, we will make the conclusion.

The space changes the properties depending on speed and the direction of movement of the observer. Movement is accompanied by braking of bodies at the expense of an aberration of radiation of the Universe (to receipt of radiation from removed objects from area ahead).



The list of the used literature.


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