About some possible designs devices for a magnetotherapy

on 23 August 2012.

Influence of a magnetic field on fabrics and on an organism as a whole is considered the fixed fact. Devices for a magnetotherapy are applied in all medical institutions to physiotherapeutic procedures.

Practically all devices applied in medicine, create a field frequency 50 … 100 Hz, that is use an alternating voltage of a network. Therefore also their designs are almost identical, therefore also the physiological effect is identical. "Olympus", "Pole", "Magniter", "Magician" - change names, but target parameters practically do not change. Certainly, all these devices give the positive effect confirmed on million patients. But the author speaks about limited possibilities similar devices, about specificity of their application for a narrow circle of diseases.

The author suggests to create variable on size or the direction a magnetic field in the simplest and effective way: magnet moving.

Magnet rotation by means of the electric motor presumes to vary frequency of a field in very wide limits. Today to create similar electronic system it is economically unprofitable, she will be rather difficult and expensive.

Rotation with speed of 50-60 revolutions per second at one magnet will provide a field pulsation with the same frequency, at two magnets - twice big, at three - three times big etc. If magnets are located on a disk got on a shaft, two options, differing on effect of influence are possible, at least:

1. Poles of magnets are directed parallel to a rotation axis.

2. Poles of magnets are directed perpendicular to a rotation axis.

Each of these options can be broken into two how will be сориентирован each subsequent magnet: it agrees with previous or antiparallelno (the North-North or the North-South).

At the first option the area of influence will represent a circle, at the second option the device is necessary for bringing to a place of influence by an edge of a disk and the area of influence will represent a strip.

It is represented interesting to remember magnetotherapy history. Mesmer was the most known vrachevatel in this area. He carried out treatment by magnet applying to certain parts of a body or carrying out a magnet over sites (passes). In the light of today's understanding we can tell that it influenced fields low (the ultralow!) frequencies. Effect of influence of such fields, as a rule, calming, killing the pains, weakening. Certainly, at this sort of influences huge (if not defining) value has the identity of the doctor, his appearance, possession of hypnosis (to Mesmera just and was, under the certificate of contemporaries, such ability is inherent), individual traits of the patient (Mesmer reached bigger effect at women of hysterical type). But anyway - the modern medicine does not reject at all effect existence, on the contrary, it determines consistent patterns of influence of a field on people with various diseases, influence of frequency and a form of impulses on processes in fabrics. Besides, paradoxical influence of a magnetic field even on simple water is proved. Water processing by a magnetic field for coppers, for example, prevents formation of a dense deposit, salts drop out in a look шлама which it is easily possible to remove. Influence of a magnetic field on plants and animals is established. Therefore long ago already determination of optimum parameters of influence (which often happen strictly individual), is a task, expansion of ranges of influence, instead of dispute on that, there is an influence or it is not present.

In an offered design (the nozzle with magnets on an engine shaft) is not present any restrictions on regulation of frequency of a field at the expense of reduction or increase in number of turns of the engine and (or) changes of number of poles.

The author is covered always by irritation when he meets the device of medical purpose of the new generation which is giving out parameters just the same, as well as the device of thirty-year prescription, but complicated to such an extent that it the high-class expert can execute repair only. The price of such "modern" devices in tens times exceeds the price of predecessors, they often fail, their repair is very expensive (and sometimes and is impossible), they are whimsical, imperfect, inconvenient in using (an example comparison of such devices as can serve "Amplipuls-4" - the magnificent solution of an objective, and "Amplipuls-5" - the parody to the predecessor).

Design simplification at all does not mean quality or reliability loss, it is rather on the contrary. Reliability (according to the theory) depends on reliability of all elements of the scheme. At equal parameters it is better to give preference to simpler design containing smaller quantity of elements.

It is clear to let out desire of producers expensive devices. Clearly also desire them to let out disposable things which after breakage jump out. However it is more favorable to consumer to buy just cheap and reliable things.

From the point of view of reliability and universality the offered device has not equal in a magnetotherapy.

First, so strong constant magnets are already created that need to receive magnetic fields by means of solenoids or transformers disappears, therefore, losses decrease also.

Secondly, regulation of frequency of influence of a field is made by regulation of frequency of rotation of the engine that relieves of need to create difficult electronic schemes.

Thirdly, the similar device allows to carry out essentially new influences which in any way are not realized in other schemes.

For example, by means of the similar device it is possible to provide absolutely new effect, having applied a principle of the unipolar car.

Let's remind the device of the elementary design. Between poles of a constant magnet the disk from a carrying-out material is located. At rotation of a disk there is a difference of potentials between an axis and the periphery. And constant! Conductor movement in a magnetic field directs in EDS conductor). As for emergence of EDS it is absolutely unimportant that moves - carrying-out object or a magnetic field, the design is reversible. That is, having created constant on size, but a moving (rotating) field, in the carrying-out environment (organism fabrics) there will be EDS, currents will begin to flow. But they will flow rather short time because the moved charges will create the field, in accuracy equal to arisen EDS, and currents will stop. But those ions which moved under the influence of induced EDS remain on the places, field influence will not stop yet! It is possible to collect, for example, positive ions in a necessary place (for example, in a change place) and to hold them as much as long without possibility of their further moving (and in the charged look!). On some signs similar influence reminds электрофорез - imposing of positive and negative electrodes causes a current, moving of ions in fabrics. However at электрофорезе continuous neutralization of ions is observed: positive ions approach to a negative electrode from which electrons (or negative ions of medicine proceed from laying under an electrode) and will be neutralized. As a whole in any place at электрофорезе the conductor (fabric) remains electricly is neutral. That is it is not formed, as in case of the unipolar car, the spatial charged cloud of ions.

Essentially similar design can look so. On a shaft of one engine there is a nozzle with the magnets located "North" outside, on a shaft of another there is a nozzle with the magnets located "South" outside. Engines settle down from the opposite sides of the body which is exposed to influence, and are brought into concordant rotation (by the way, the small mismatch can be also considered as the new factor of influence which essentially is not realized at other ways). In body there is a compulsory polarization, division of charges; between an axis of rotation and the periphery there is EDS. Until engines will rotate, there will be also a division of ions, and, as we know, they are a factor which is actively influencing biochemical processes.

In principle, it is possible by means of the offered device to force to proceed and a current a long time if out of action of a field to connect the center and the periphery of a place of influence of a rotating field the conductor. But then it will be already exact электрофорез (but as a source of a current fabrics will act, instead of an external chain, that is difference is enormous even here!)

Thus, the range of influences of the similar device blocks all possible (and impossible) types of magnetic therapy and электрофореза.

Tests, a set of the facts, approbation on patients, a choice of the best parameters - all this promises to the researcher both a big scope of work, and remarkable finds. It is possible to envy only to it and sincerely to wish successes - our health will depend to some extent on its persistence and commitment.